Synonyms for Tabby:


mouser, gossipmonger, tomcat, telltale, kitty, talebearer, gossiper, scandalmonger, tom, tattletale, yenta, rumormonger, newsmonger, gossip, whisperer, blab, tattler, calico cat, words, puss, tattle, taleteller, Siamese Cat. animal (noun)
queen, tabby cat.
cat (noun)
burmese, abyssinian, cat, Cheshire, siamese, angora, persian, manx.
gossip (noun)
rumormonger, gossiper, blab, scandalmonger, whisperer, gossipmonger, telltale, talebearer, tattle, taleteller, newsmonger, tattler, tattletale.
rumormonger (noun)
tabby (noun)
brinded, tabby cat, patterned, brindled, queen, brindle.

Other synonyms:

mouser, scandalmonger, gossiper, talebearer, calico cat, whisperer, yenta, Siamese Cat, gossipmonger, puss, rumormonger, taleteller. newsmonger, kitty, telltale, tattletale, tattler. gossip. Other relevant words:
gossiper, blab, brinded, puss, words, scandalmonger, gossipmonger, patterned, talebearer, rumormonger, queen, mouser, telltale, whisperer, taleteller, yenta, tom, tattler, gossip, tattletale, calico cat, newsmonger, kitty, tomcat, brindle, brindled, tabby cat, tattle.

Usage examples for tabby

  1. My Tabby and Debby will be back in half an hour, and them growing up into young maidens now." – Springhaven A Tale of the Great War by R. D. Blackmore