Synonyms for Energy:


balance, steam, centrifugal force, centripetal force, attraction, capillary action, air resistance, calorific, amplitude, starch, absorbance, bonding. perseverance, ambition, resolve, effectiveness, will, determination, aspiration, vehemence. gravity, potential, friction, heat, horsepower, virility, endurance, voltage, elasticity, resistance, pressure, atomic energy, burn, athleticism, reaction, service, current, response, electricity, radioactivity, suction. peppiness, biomass, biofuel, go, coal-fired, fuel, fossil fuel, biogas. action (noun)
enterprise, motion.
activity (noun)
animation, movement, performance, enterprise, action, business, kinetics, stirring, agility, liveliness, conduct, exercise, motion, activity.
energy (noun)
fire, snap, strength, pep, vigour, push, spunk, stamina, effervescence, zip, potency, spirit, energy department, drive, vitality, might, spark, zing, get-up-and-go, department of energy, puissance, zeal, fervor, vivacity, vigor, force, verve, vim, power.
enthusiasm (noun)
excitement (noun)
attentiveness, disquietude, electrification, anxiety, exhilaration, turbulence, inflammation, stimulation, furor, arousal, feverishness.
generated power (noun)
electricity, voltage, gravity, pressure, service, reaction, horsepower, response, current, potential, heat, burn, radioactivity, friction, magnetism.
health (noun)
robustness, fitness, salubriousness, health, wholesomeness, hardiness, haleness, well-being.
life (noun)
motivation (noun)
incitement, impetus, inducement, lure, impulse, stimulus, instigation, motivation, incentive, prod.
motive (noun)
facilitation, trigger, motive, provocation, induction, impulsion, fomentation, urge, propulsion, magnetism, enticement, fermentation, catalyst, goading, prompting, compulsion.
perseverance (noun)
person's spirit and vigor (noun)
fire, spirit, liveliness, might, activity, go, drive, potency, animation, force, zest, steam, vivacity, puissance, effectiveness, virility, vim, toughness, zip, muscle, vitality, endurance, verve, zing, enterprise, zeal, get-up-and-go, stamina, strength, vehemence, power, pep.
power (noun)
competence, mastery, authority, grasp, command, control.
starch (noun)
strength (noun)
firmness, horsepower, huskiness, brawn, muscle, vitality, sturdiness, toughness, stoutness, clout, stability.
vigor (noun)
eagerness, earnestness, fervency, exuberance, friskiness, agitation, lustiness, gusto, passion, sprightliness, industriousness, Ardency, enthusiasm, starch, excitement, zest, relish.

Other synonyms:

Energy Department
energy department.
fossil fuel, ambition, perseverance, virility, athleticism, coal-fired, radioactivity, biofuel, endurance, biogas. determination, steam, biomass, peppiness. heat, will, aspiration, resolve. resistance. burn. electromotive force
Other relevant words:
current, potential, department of energy, service, push, resistance, virility, heat, attraction, pressure, get-up-and-go, biomass, coal-fired, friction, burn, will, endurance, elasticity, vehemence, radioactivity, biogas, vigour, resolve, ambition, go, effectiveness, biofuel, reaction, perseverance, energy department, starch, electricity, voltage, peppiness, fuel, determination, response, gravity, steam, horsepower.

Usage examples for energy

  1. For a moment as he moved, his energy of mind and body seemed to return to him. – Round the Red Lamp Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life by Arthur Conan Doyle
  2. But this did not prevent Parliament on the other hand from bringing forward its claims with all possible energy – A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6) by Leopold von Ranke
  3. I began to feel behind me the impulse of John Calhoun's swift energy – 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough