Synonyms for Court:


square, abdicate, yard, depose, crown, dethrone, quad, plaza, piazza, patio, commoner, the crown, enclosure, cloister, atrium, quadrangle, accede, close, accession, coronation. committal, palace, cause, staff, castle, class action, case, suite, hall, ruler, dissent, government, retinue, train, action, entourage, royalty. field, ring, attorney, chief justice, advocate, circus, rink, circuit judge, barrister, Attorney General, arena, the bar, clerk, the bench, bailiff. back, backyard, arcade, car park, blind alley, campus, alleyway. bowl, baseline, place, bleachers, alley, the box, Astroturf, crease, clay. chancery, court of appeals, county court, Crown Court, appeals court, law. be asking for something, overplay your hand, tempt fate/providence, be your own worst enemy, store up, asking for trouble, shoot yourself in the foot, do something once too often. attempt, strive, struggle, try, work, push for, try for, press for, go after, strain. propitiate, be on your best behavior, crawl, balancing act, brown-nose, kowtow, kiss someone's ass, pander to. date, cheat, go out, cohabit, carry on, dally with, go together, go with, fool around. The, great, house. building for legal proceedings (noun)
council (noun)
coalition, committee, league, panel, caucus, forum, chamber, assembly, conference, body, faction, legislature, symposium, congress, quorum, cabinet, summit, cadre, congregation, inquisition, parliament, council, meeting, convention.
court (noun)
courtyard, homage, session, tourist court, court-martial, romance, courtroom, appellate court, judicature, bar, motor lodge, solicit, court of law, motel, woo, bench, circuit court, board, Margaret Court, royal court, tribunal, motor inn, supreme court, motor hotel.
entourage (noun)
entourage, retinue.
group (noun)
judicature, tribunal.
judicial system (noun)
bar, bench, tribunal, session.
person (noun)
Margaret Court.
ruler's attendants (noun)
palace, suite, entourage, retinue, castle, hall, train, staff.
square (noun)
wooing (noun)
yard, garden of building (noun)
enclosure, courtyard, cloister, forum, piazza, quad, quadrangle, square, plaza, close, patio.


endear (verb)
dally, woo, make love, hug, bill and coo, seduce, spoon, endear, ogle, coddle, snuggle, nuzzle, entice, kiss, serenade, romance, flirt, cherish, caress, charm, cuddle.
fawn over, pay attention to (verb)
charm, go with, serenade, solicit, woo, pander to, spoon, go together, date, entice.
social (verb)
woo, romance, solicit.

Other synonyms:

cause, atrium, crown, balancing act, ruler, cohabit, enclosure, court of appeals, accede, depose, dally with, county court, yard, commoner, appeals court, accession, quad, fool around, crease, coronation, propitiate, class action, patio, brown-nose, kowtow, bleachers, store up, abdicate, baseline, bowl, Astroturf, chancery, Crown Court, committal, dethrone. cloister, dissent, clay, The, government, quadrangle, alley. go together, crawl, place. go with. action, carry on, hall, case. cheat, date. go out. house. great. grovel
brown-nose, kowtow.
go after.
Other relevant words:
motel, courtroom, barrister, courtyard, baseline, arena, crawl, cloister, strain, great, house, go after, patio, atrium, quad, field, The, clay, go with, clerk, solicit, attorney, royal court, date, government, abdicate, Astroturf, train, kowtow, ring, crown, accede, backyard, motor lodge, coronation, retinue, tourist court, entourage, action, blind alley, plaza, back, go together, strive, homage, enclosure, close, attempt, motor hotel, depose, crease, staff, commoner, pander to, committal, struggle, square, circus, law, piazza, suite, alleyway, propitiate, campus, dissent, try, county court, rink, dethrone, place, case, bowl, brown-nose, cohabit, carry on, bailiff, palace, ruler, cause, alley, arcade, royalty, advocate, accession, cheat, yard, motor inn, castle, work, chancery, Margaret Court, quadrangle, bleachers, hall.

Usage examples for court

  1. Yet, why he was not there, I could not suppose, save that he might have been called back to the Court – The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson
  2. How dare you look into the court to say such a word? – The Emancipation of Massachusetts by Brooks Adams
  3. Have some sense of shame or let us go into court – The Satyricon, Complete by Petronius Arbiter