Synonyms for Cluster:


batch, asteroid, group, cosmic dust, the Big Dipper, antimatter, celestial object, black hole, comet, dark matter. besiege, cozy up, converge, assemblage, clump together, close up. congregate, domino effect, get together, pattern, train, avalanche, proceedings, forgather, collect, rash, muster, convene, chain reaction, process, string, gather, line, assemble. cell, elite, summon, Focus Group, the in-crowd, faction, call, clique, round up, convoke, cadre. bevy, set, knot, clutch, collection, body, party, band, array. cluster (noun)
bunch up, flock, bundle, constellate, bunch, clustering, clump.
group of something (noun)
batch, body, assemblage, bundle, band, bevy, party, collection, knot, bunch, clump, clutch, array, set.


assemble, group (verb)
round up, flock, bunch up, gather, collect.
motion (verb)
clump, flock, constellate.

Other synonyms:

clique, comet, asteroid, dark matter, cadre, close up, the Big Dipper, celestial object, clump together, cosmic dust, gather, Focus Group, antimatter, the in-crowd. bevy, group, convoke, congregate, convene, black hole, forgather, besiege, batch. muster, faction, collection, knot, elite. assemble. collect. cell. call. party. body. bundle
Other relevant words:
bevy, convoke, batch, gather, antimatter, summon, body, congregate, converge, cadre, comet, set, convene, faction, collection, party, clique, collect, get together, besiege, array, cell, band, asteroid, clutch, forgather, call, muster, assemblage, bunch, knot, group, assemble.

Usage examples for cluster

  1. What a throng of past memories cluster here! – See America First by Orville O. Hiestand
  2. They passed a cluster of trees but took little notice of them. – Three Sioux Scouts by Elmer Russell Gregor
  3. Thus, a nice cluster with all berries of large size, would be a 'Six- Crown Cluster ' such being the very finest raisins on the stem. – Manual of American Grape-Growing by U. P. Hedrick