Synonyms for Practice:


habit, pursuit, prosecution, discharge, wont, execution, custom, tradition. court, mode, system, dissent, class action, court-martial, case, committal, fashion, appeal. discipline, diagnose, cure, training, iteration, study, rehearsal, preparation, certify, confine, doctor, examine, bedside manner, caseload, repetition, admit. bookseller, clientele, constructor, authenticator, consultancy, brokerage, automaker, collection agency, clearinghouse, caterer, concessionaire. profess, believe, be/feel called to do something, get religion, follow, train. continue, repeat, reproduce, bring back, rerun, pursue, resume, retry, come back to, renew, replay. exploit, walk through, dummy run, used, go over, dress rehearsal, actuate, brush up, run-through. manners, institution, trick or treat, local color, legacy, mores. be no slouch, have a magic touch, have/get something down to a fine art, have a flair for something, can do something in your sleep, be a past master at doing something, have an eye for, be able to do something, have a genius for (doing) something. act (noun)
action (noun)
endeavor, behavior, effort, activity, action, deed, motion, enterprise, performance, exercise, operation, labor, movement.
application (noun)
function, utility, utilization, usage, play, exertion, application, employment, use.
assignment (noun)
position, job, commission.
behavior (noun)
demeanor, carriage, countenance, bearing, air, comportment, method, deportment, way, guise, tactics, manner, procedure.
business (noun)
industry, busy work, career, commerce, interest, specialty, calling, selling, corporation, proprietorship, employment, establishment, occupation, merchant, job, livelihood, trade, firm, concern, service, position, market, vocation, venture, affair, transaction, holding, business, exchange, negotiation, partnership, station, assignment, situation, posting, consortium, profession, retailing, barter, company, management, commission.
experience (noun)
proficiency, sophistication, savoir-faire, competence, wit, experience, background, wisdom.
habit (noun)
knowledge (noun)
practice (noun)
action, system, training, apply, custom, rehearsal, utility, iteration, use, wont, mode, praxis, way, operation, practise, method, manner, assignment, repetition, background, profession, habit, DO, discipline, experience, rehearse, preparation, drill, recitation, effect, practice session, pattern, fashion, exercise, tradition, study, vocation, usage, career.
preparation (noun)
rehearsal (noun)
practice session.


act (verb)
serve, operate, labor.
apply (verb)
exert, serve, utilize, implement, exploit, employ, apply, effect, operate.
behave (verb)
act, deport, comport, proceed, behave, perform, conduct.
cognition (verb)
practise, exercise, drill.
perform music (verb)
gig, serenade, jam, solo, harmonize, sing, play.
practice (verb)
exercise, go over, pursue, apply, rehearse, follow, train, walk through, DO, function, perform.
social (verb)
practise, use, exercise, DO, apply.

Other synonyms:

brush up, walk through, mores, local color, custom, dummy run, trick or treat. exploit, system, tradition, habit, fashion, execution, discharge, dress rehearsal, prosecution. go over, actuate, profess, training, believe, legacy. run-through, pursuit, institution. pursue. study. follow. act
Other relevant words:
execution, clientele, training, tradition, dress rehearsal, custom, retry, doctor, renew, praxis, mode, study, believe, habit, dummy run, reproduce, cure, train, practise, bookseller, examine, dissent, consultancy, repetition, actuate, continue, replay, court-martial, court, mores, follow, profess, constructor, recitation, discharge, rehearsal, iteration, legacy, go over, confine, case, exploit, used, automaker, concessionaire, preparation, pursuit, rerun, admit, committal, practice session, system, resume, drill, certify, pursue, pattern, prosecution, rehearse, clearinghouse, appeal, brokerage, repeat, caseload, wont, fashion, institution, authenticator, caterer, manners, discipline, diagnose.

Usage examples for practice

  1. This practice was very common during slavery. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society