Synonyms for Profession:


field, office, law, apologia, announcement, role, journalism, lifework, assurance, education, engagement, post, apology, sphere, allegation, accusation, berth, church, billet, medicine, attestation. delegation, background, pretense, oath, collaboration, avowal, call, appointment, vow, division of labor, declaration. people, manpower, personnel, payroll, staff, workforce, labor market, labor force, line, action, employ, racket. business (noun)
holding, employment, venture, management, firm, affair, busy work, establishment, career, retailing, merchant, partnership, practice, commerce, position, specialty, livelihood, commission, barter, enterprise, exchange, vocation, consortium, station, trade, concern, business, occupation, selling, proprietorship, activity, labor, interest, job, market, posting, assignment, corporation, situation, negotiation, company, industry, service, calling, transaction.
declaration (noun)
avowal, vow, attestation, pretense.
line (noun)
line of work (noun)
life work.
line of work requiring academic or practical preparation (noun)
post, sphere, line, role, career, billet, berth, field, employment, office, pursuit, calling, service, specialty, trade, concern, occupation, situation, position, engagement, lifework, vocation, business, undertaking.
profession (noun)
professing, community.
promise (noun)
vow, oath.
pursuit (noun)
ambition, quest, destination, lodestar, life work, search, aspiration, aim, undertaking, objective, target, intention, pursuit, mission, goal.

Other synonyms:

labor force, workforce, office, declaration, pretense, labor market, manpower. payroll, personnel, berth. post, appointment. racket. staff. people. line. occupation

Usage examples for profession

  1. If one of my profession thinks any one is not well. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. " My profession brings me into touch with interesting people. – The Turnstile by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  3. Such is the profession – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens