Synonyms for Exchange:


inspect, examine, survey, check on, look around, look, see, shuffle, gaze, rearrangement, revision, stare, take in. controversy, quarrel, dialogue, confrontation, interdependence, dispute, conflict, reciprocity, disagreement, misunderstanding, tit for tat, a war of words, fight, correspondence. call, replacing, cross-selling, detail, churn rate, buyer's market, aftermarket, credit rating, customer care, cold call, direct marketing. argument, talks, debate, exploration, inquest, give, bandy, commentary, consultation. caller id, chat line, answering service, call center, courtesy phone, call waiting, call forwarding, BT, call divert, blue pages. basket, common currency, decimalise, decimalize, base currency, denominate, bureau de change, convertible, currency. rap, pass the time of day (with someone), talk, fall into conversation, get into conversation (with someone), catch up, engage someone in conversation. cover, friendly fire, fusillade, drive-by, fire, discharge, fire fight, crossfire. kiosk, point-of-sale, outlet, parlour. pass on, trade in, in consideration of something. friend, the international community, intergovernmental, international relations, the global village, multination, friendly, friendship, multinational. return the compliment. act (noun)
barter (noun)
deal, interchange, free trade, traffic, bargain.
business (noun)
commerce, specialty, business, venture, calling, busy work, position, firm, career, concern, occupation, job, transaction, livelihood, consortium, barter, partnership, negotiation, selling, practice, proprietorship, affair, market, employment, station, holding, assignment, retailing, trade, situation, enterprise, service, management, labor, company, establishment, profession, corporation, vocation, activity, merchant, posting, interest, industry, commission.
conversation (noun)
exchange (noun)
change, convert, switch over, commutation, rally, central, interchange, switch, telephone exchange, substitution, commute.
interchange (noun)
market (noun)
convenience store, department store, mart, chain, depot, store, shop, stock exchange, office, fair, bureau, stall, grocery, bazaar, warehouse, emporium, market place, supermarket.
place where stocks are bought, sold (noun)
market, stock exchange, store.
retaliation (noun)
counteraction, vengeance, response, retaliation, return, retribution, reciprocation, reparation, reprisal.
stock market (noun)
stock exchange.
substitution (noun)
replacement, supersession, displacement, substitution, subrogation, alternative.
trade; deal (noun)
commutation, barter, traffic, rearrangement, correspondence, transaction, commerce, swap, reciprocity, interchange, change, switch, transfer, tit for tat, reciprocation, revision, replacement, shuffle, interdependence, substitution.


barter (verb)
change (verb)
change, commute, convert.
possession (verb)
interchange, change.
retaliate (verb)
counter, counteract, respond, retort, repay, countercharge, revenge, avenge, return fire, Retribute, reprise, reciprocate, retaliate, redress, counterblow.
substitute (verb)
commute, supersede, imitate, change, subrogate, represent, alternate, supplant, replace, substitute, swap, switch, second, displace.
trade (verb)
bargain, substitute, displace, change hands, return the compliment, bandy, alternate, commute, replace, reciprocate.
transfer (verb)
change hands, transfer, consign, hand over, sell, assign, grant.

Other synonyms:

bandy, debate, intergovernmental, fire fight, tit for tat, the global village, international relations, argument, the international community, multination, friendly fire, kiosk, drive-by, point-of-sale, exploration. consultation, trade in, crossfire, fusillade, inquest, commentary, friendship. friend. outlet, multinational. friendly, pass on, talk. fire. discharge. cover. barter
Other relevant words:
convert, revision, call, bandy, debate, fight, give, detail, shuffle, interdependence, confrontation, fire, dialogue, dispute, argument, multination, rally, reciprocity, friend, disagreement, controversy, decimalize, BT, friendly, rearrangement, inquest, basket, central, currency, aftermarket, inspect, return the compliment, pass on, telephone exchange, misunderstanding, consultation, gaze, fusillade, kiosk, commentary, outlet, friendship, denominate, intergovernmental, quarrel, replacing, decimalise, commutation, multinational, conflict, drive-by, examine, rap, talks, convertible, parlour, correspondence, cover, cross-selling, switch over, survey, crossfire, talk, discharge, stare, look, see, exploration.

Usage examples for exchange

  1. It is ours gladly to accept the exchange a task not always easy or pleasant. – Expositions of Holy Scripture Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers by Alexander Maclaren