Synonyms for Merchant:


agency, blue-chip, affiliate, the biz, base, account, anchor, acquisition, big business. tradesman, know-all, vermin, trafficker, transactions, horror, creep, (the) scum of the earth, public enemy number one, public nuisance, loudmouth, yob, speculator. carrier, freight, carriage, bill of entry, delivery, bill of lading, consignment, cargo, dock. business (noun)
holding, trade, management, occupation, interest, selling, profession, enterprise, transaction, barter, situation, business, concern, corporation, calling, commission, retailing, proprietorship, exchange, firm, market, station, practice, specialty, commerce, service, posting, company, employment, partnership, career, livelihood, establishment, vocation, labor, assignment, position, activity, affair, consortium, venture, busy work, job, industry, negotiation.
merchant (noun)
marketer, caterer, businesswoman, exporter, storekeeper, trader, jobber, distributor, businessman, middleman, floorwalker, merchandiser, agent, vendor, shopkeeper, wholesaler, supplier, salesclerk, salesperson, retailer, seller, saleswoman, salesman, dealer, merchandizer, businessperson, monger, importer.
person who sells goods (noun)
salesperson, handler, shopkeeper, seller, trafficker, trader, dealer, sender, vendor, shipper, jobber, wholesaler, marketer, exporter, businessperson, retailer, storekeeper.
sender (noun)
trader (noun)
sender, handler, shipper, local representative, consignor, tradesman.

Other synonyms:

trafficker. speculator. sender
shipper, consignor.
Other relevant words:
hawker, shipper, clerk, consignor, merchandiser, drummer, trafficker, tradesman, sender, speculator, handler, auctioneer.

Usage examples for merchant

  1. " Better get it then and go to work," urged the merchant – Richard Dare's Venture by Edward Stratemeyer
  2. " Come on, Tom," said the merchant – Bring Me His Ears by Clarence E. Mulford
  3. The Merchant demanded an immediate landing. – Youth by Isaac Asimov