Synonyms for Try:


appear, venture, go all out, bring, claim, knock oneself out, propose, aspire, buckle down, arraign, affirm, tackle, appeal, labor, risk, contest, bring before, allow, call, contend, speculate, work, shoot at, lay to, cite, wrangle, go after. push, stand, chase, trial run. press for, bring to the test, struggle, try for, make trial of, push for. consume, eat, touch, have, ingest, manage, take. delve, gather, check up on, look into, look up, follow up, dig, scout. pilot, challenge, put through, crash-test, put someone/something to the test. go through, hunt down, search out, scavenge, seek out, look out for, pick through. open up, unscrew, pry, unlock, unfold, undo, burst open, crack something open, force. attempt (noun)
endeavor, essay, effort, struggle.
experiment (noun)
trial run.
rugby (noun)
fifteen, conversion kick, Australian Rules football, conversion, place kick, line-out, fly half, prop, convert, lock.
try (noun)
attempt, render, endeavor, effort, endeavour, seek, hear, try out, stress, essay, taste, judge, assay, strain, adjudicate, sample.


attempt (verb)
contest, aspire, venture, tackle, labor, risk, wrangle, propose, go all out, knock oneself out, go after, seek, speculate, contend, work.
bother, afflict (verb)
distress, stress, agonize, crucify, torture, strain.
bring before a judge (verb)
hear, adjudicate.
change (verb)
experiment (verb)
assay, determine, check, verify, probe, investigate, test, experiment, research, analyze, benchmark, prove.
experiment, test (verb)
check, judge, assay, prove, sample, try out, investigate, taste.
punish (verb)
avenge, persecute, fine, chasten, crucify, reprise, incarcerate, castigate, chastise, burden, afflict, penalize, anguish, imprison, judge, distress, Keelhaul, agonize, confine, discipline, lambaste, pillory, torture, sentence, correct, punish, execute.

Other synonyms:

eat, ingest, press for, trial run, try for, unscrew, crash-test. pry, shoot at, go after, push for. consume, unlock, struggle. chase. put through, labor. pilot, manage. stand, push. open up, challenge. work. force. touch. have. take. analyze
go all out, attempt.
try out.
take a chance
Other relevant words:
call, wrangle, effort, try out, tackle, taste, speculate, chase, look up, bring, attempt, contend, endeavor, allow, lock, go all out, pilot, appear, delve, push, labor, endeavour, pry, hear, go after, dig, fifteen, struggle, sample, make trial of, venture, arraign, essay, prop, crash-test, conversion, ingest, have, seek, manage, convert, scout, force, take, render, challenge, contest, try for, aspire, unscrew, stand, unfold, scavenge, stress, line-out, knock oneself out, claim, appeal, propose, risk, bring to the test, adjudicate, consume, touch, unlock, work, affirm, undo, cite, gather, strain, eat.