Synonyms for Venture:


thing, course, operation, move, demonstration. run the risk (of something), throw/cast caution to the wind(s), work, live dangerously. as/so far as I'm concerned, frankly, if you ask me, if you want my advice/opinion, perhaps, in my humble opinion, to my way of thinking, personally, to my mind. adventure (noun)
investment, fling, plunge, experiment, test, trial, potluck, flier, leap in the dark, dare.
business (noun)
business, labor, corporation, practice, service, exchange, barter, concern, affair, transaction, retailing, specialty, busy work, selling, situation, industry, interest, trade, vocation, posting, partnership, company, commission, profession, career, station, holding, firm, establishment, proprietorship, management, merchant, livelihood, employment, negotiation, assignment, position, calling, commerce, occupation, consortium, activity, market.
endeavor (noun)
gambit, purpose, job, performance, commitment, proceeding, engagement, deed, effort, essay, enterprise, undertaking, production, adventure, project, action.
gamble, attempt (noun)
exploit, undertaking, endeavor, risk, chance, speculation, experiment, essay, stake, test, pursuit, thing, hazard, adventure, trial, enterprise, investment, wager, project, feat.
possession (noun)
venture (noun)
guess, initiative, pursuit, jeopardize, feat, adventure, procedure, task, embark, stake, speculation, hazard.


chance (verb)
chance, wager, bet, gamble, risk, hazard, speculate.
endeavor (verb)
act, perform, engage, undertake, contract, maneuver, aim, approach, exploit, commit, volunteer, attempt, proceed, endeavor, assay.
social (verb)
take a chance (verb)
bet, assay, jeopardize, volunteer, gamble, attempt, speculate, dare.
venture (verb)
pursue, scheme, campaign, initiate.

Other synonyms:

dare, demonstration, Emprise. operation, course, move, flier, experiment. thing. go. endowment

Usage examples for venture

  1. Anxious, ay; not knowing how the venture will end; she has gone from service at the Lensmand's, and left the village. – Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
  2. I did not venture to do so." – Bertha Garlan by Arthur Schnitzler
  3. All this George Vavasor remembered now; and as he remembered it he asked himself whether the woman that had once loved him would venture her fortune for him still. – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope