Synonyms for Station:


franchise, cbc, CBS, CNN, carrier, the BBC, abc, Broadcasting House, IDENT. dodge city, dust trap, anchorage, center of excellence, disaster area, cradle, destination, service station, aerie, cattle auction, dumping ground, garage. parachute, plant, farm out, studio, bundle off, dispatch, communications, transmitter, route, radio, relocate, channel, pack off, television. complex, garrison, dog tag, fort, detail, generalship, headquarters, installation, fatigues, bust. assign, tier, caste. crook, crate, cow town, corral, dip, dairy, cattle prod. platform, bus station, bus shelter, ferry, terminus. courthouse, consulate, embassy, guildhall, city hall, civic centre, chancellery, office block, mission. appointment (noun)
birth (noun)
business (noun)
business, establishment, vocation, merchant, holding, calling, activity, exchange, position, enterprise, corporation, career, partnership, proprietorship, affair, firm, company, occupation, service, livelihood, situation, barter, transaction, posting, industry, assignment, interest, consortium, employment, negotiation, commission, management, commerce, market, trade, concern, selling, job, specialty, venture, practice, profession, retailing, labor, busy work.
caste (noun)
center (noun)
depot (noun)
depot, terminal, stop.
duty (noun)
mission, duty.
headquarters (noun)
headquarters, base.
location (noun)
locus, emplacement.
place (noun)
floor, circus, forum, ground, campus, stage, arena, place, habitat.
rank (noun)
mark, grade, range, rank, footing, term, degree, step, scale.
situation (noun)
environment, style, modality, mode, ambience, circumstance, location, property, aspect, standing, formation, condition, site, configuration, spot, quality, layout, arrangement, post, scene, state, disposition, placement, status.
social class (noun)
social status (noun)
state (noun)
station (noun)
caste, send, duty, location, employment, calling, grade, business, terminal, site, situation, footing, locus, post, depot, service, position, rank, place, standing, spot, state, base, occupation, stop.


base (verb)
locate, ground.
competition (verb)
place, send, post.
locate (verb)
establish, put, lay, pinpoint, find, set, situate, unearth, locate, discover.
station (verb)
establish, put, commission, set, plant, garrison, assign, base.

Other synonyms:

bus station, bus shelter, terminus. depot, headquarters, duty. ferry. installation. terminal, platform. assign. stop. TV
Other relevant words:
base, depot, garrison, television, destination, tier, cradle, send, terminal, ferry, installation, headquarters, assign, complex, duty, stop, fort, terminus, plant, caste.

Usage examples for station

  1. If you continued as you began when coming from the station I'm sure she did; and also I'm sure it wasn't wrong of her to say it. – You Never Know Your Luck, Complete Being The Story Of A Matrimonial Deserter by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  2. For the first time since they had reached the station Oliver spoke. – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  3. " I happened to be at the station when Aleck came," he said. – The Flag by Homer Greene