Synonyms for Experience:


continuance, consciousness, actuality, sensitivity, lore, awareness, activity, action, information, contact, strife, endurance, reality, involvement, struggle, life, exposure, understanding, participation, existence. context, occurrence, situation, happening, event, circumstance, adventure, position, environment, conditions, climate, state of affairs. let yourself go, seasoning, give up to, perspicacity, judgment, overflow, walk away with, maturity, burn, nurse. prove, taste, be reared on something, participate. feelings, savor. experience (noun)
have, know, wisdom, wit, background, feel, live, get, savoir-faire, undergo, see, practice, go through, receive, sophistication.
feeling (noun)
agitation, ardor, affection, feverishness, passion, mood, response, emotion, impression, thrill, tingle, sympathy, feeling, sensation.
happening, occurrence (noun)
adventure, event.
knowledge (noun)
understanding, strife, reality, skill, seasoning, background, contact, participation, know-how, wisdom, sophistication, action, exposure, sense, savoir-faire, actuality, perspicacity, existence, practice, maturity, struggle, judgment, involvement.
lore (noun)
occurrence (noun)
skill (noun)
talent, proficiency, facility, know-how, genius, adeptness, adroitness, deftness, craft, technique, mastery, ability, artfulness, knack, flair, acuity, dexterity, aptitude, expertise, cunning, skill, competence, capability.


abide (verb)
go on, last, undergo, put up with, abide, bear, linger, continue, remain, tolerate, suffer, persevere, endure, persist, tarry.
change (verb)
cognition (verb)
know, live.
feel (verb)
respond, finger, handle, fumble, touch, probe, grope, sense, feel.
perception (verb)
go through, have, receive, see, get.

Other synonyms:

event, judgment, life, give up to, consciousness. sensitivity, information, understanding. prove, walk away with. overflow. nurse, taste. consciousness
bear, go through.
Other relevant words:
exposure, know, burn, receive, get, prove, understanding, event, action, awareness, life, struggle, savor, endurance, actuality, nurse, position, maturity, climate, taste, go through, adventure, reality, lore, environment, situation, circumstance, conditions, context, consciousness, perspicacity, sensitivity, activity, feelings, strife, contact, live, existence, seasoning, judgment, see, have, continuance, happening, occurrence, involvement, overflow, participation, participate, information.

Usage examples for experience

  1. It is a new experience for me to be told so by a girl of your age. – The Princess Priscilla's Fortnight by Elizabeth von Arnim