Synonyms for Run over:


injure, bulge, swarm with, bristle with, knock-down, hurt, trample on, hit-and-run, brim, be strewn (with), be bursting/bulging at the seams, strike, seethe, abound. illustrate, clarify, interpret, define, put across, run-through, lay out, set out, explain. think out, consider, assess, contemplate, plan, ponder, evaluate, take something into consideration, think over, take a long hard look at someone/something. dress rehearsal, audition, go through, cast, recast, the casting couch, miscast, read for, casting. smash into, ram, bump, crash, HIT, slam, collide. linger, come down, run on, drag on, see out, take forever, grind on, stand the test of time, endure. run over (noun)
well over, overrun, overflow, brim over.


brim (verb)
well over, overflow.
estimate (verb)
assess, plan, consider, evaluate, cast.
overflow (verb)
overrun, brim.
overrun (verb)
run on.
repeat (verb)
review (verb)
think over.
scan (verb)
trample (verb)
injure, hurt.

Other synonyms:

drag on, bulge, seethe, swarm with, brim, grind on, collide, linger. run on, endure, abound. see out. ram. slam, bump. come down. strike. HIT. overrun
run on.