Synonyms for Peep:


burble, blow, ding, glimpse, grate, crunch, look, buzz, cough, sight, glance, babble. fizzle, pad, patter, pitter-patter, hoot, pit-a-pat, murmur, cry, ripple. blare, caterwaul, clack, clank, blast, clang, boom, bang, clash. bleep, click, clink, keen, chime, creak, chink, beep, mewl. plop, pop, creaking. emerge, erupt, shoot up, break through, descend on, crop up, spring up, pop up, come and go, spring. flick, throw, sneak a look/glance etc. at, dart, give someone/something the once-over, steal a glance/look, take one look at. gaze, stare, sighting, eye contact, preview. chirp (noun)
cry, hoot, cheep.
peep (noun)
peek, cheep.

Other synonyms:

clink, eye contact, mewl, pitter-patter, creak, pit-a-pat, creaking, chime, sighting. fizzle, gaze, murmur, bleep, glance, plop, stare. burble, patter, look, beep, glimpse. ripple, chink. flick, preview, click. keen, babble. pad, dart. throw, pop. Other relevant words:
creaking, stare, hoot, chime, glimpse, pop, clink, preview, murmur, cry, chink, gaze, glance, dart, look, clack, pitter-patter, pit-a-pat, sight, keen, pad, flick, emerge, fizzle.

Usage examples for peep

  1. Chips and I had from the first decided to try and get a peep at the captain's trunk, and this might prove our chance. – Mr. Trunnell by T. Jenkins Hains
  2. Once, and only once, did he give us a peep behind the scenes. – The First Hundred Thousand by Ian Hay
  3. Does anybody else want to come up and peep – The Jolliest School of All by Angela Brazil