Synonyms for Drum:


water, atmospherics, kettledrum, tabor, blast away, flower, steel, blast, Traps, bongo, side, arrange, tambour, baton, Tom-tom, bang out, thud-box, timpani, tub, tambourine boiler, hot skin, tabla, native, back, articulation, accompany, snare. ampoule, aerosol, atomizer, bath, butt, basin. bearing, button, carriage, cam, ball bearing, ancillary, belt, camshaft, chamber. clack, clangor, clink, clash, clip-clop, chink, bump. casket, brazier, coffer, begging bowl, cuspidor. purr, murmur, resonate, roar, resound. alarm (noun)
horn, trumpet.
artifact (noun)
membranophone, tympan.
cask (noun)
container (noun)
cabinet, cup, ladle, case, closet, storage, holder, flask, pocket, suitcase, locker, jug, bladder, cask, vat, container, pouch, bucket, bin, can, purse, box, belly, decanter, reservoir, bottle, repository, stomach, tray, trunk, chest, bowl, shelf, sack, jar, cupboard, vault, wallet, receptacle, basket, drawer, crate, bag, barrel, tank.
cylinder (noun)
column, cylinder.
drum (noun)
bone up, beat, get up, thrum, drumfish, bone, brake drum, tympan, cram, swot, Swot Up, mug up, grind away, barrel, metal drum, membranophone.
musical instrument (noun)
fiddle, violincello, bassoon, alto saxophone, harpsichord, viola, trumpet, classical guitar, piano, recorder, saxophone, harmonica, violin, flute, horn, French Horn, piccolo, tenor saxophone, oboe, harp, cello, electric piano, guitar, electric guitar, banjo, keyboard, clarinet, bass, English Horn, trombone, organ.
musical instruments (noun)
balalaika, barrel organ, bagpipes, bass guitar, air guitar, baby grand, accordion.
rumble (noun)
chatter, buzz, thunder, throb, grumble, chant, clatter, thrum, drone, roll, rumble, reverberation, hum, beat, rattle, racket.


beat, tap a beat (verb)
roar, reverberate, throb, thunder, thrum.
perception (verb)
beat, thrum.
rumble (verb)

Other synonyms:

kettledrum, brazier, cuspidor, Tom-tom. coffer, begging bowl, casket. bone up
mug up, Swot Up, grind away.
get up.
swot up
Swot Up.
Other relevant words:
butt, Swot Up, grind away, bone, tabor, snare, mug up, drumfish, kettledrum, metal drum, clack, barrel, bongo, basin, tub, cram, bone up, tympan, roar, casket, tambour, brake drum, swot, membranophone, Tom-tom, timpani, coffer, tabla.

Usage examples for drum

  1. Now not a note, not a drum tap, not a boast nor a jest illumined their return. – Kincaid's Battery by George W. Cable
  2. If the reader wishes to know exactly what this is like he must drum the fingers of both his hands on a wooden table, one after the other as quickly and as hard as he can. – London to Ladysmith via Pretoria by Winston Spencer Churchill
  3. There it was surely enough, deep and distant but unmistakable- the old familiar drum roll of a big river beating for the charge. – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman