Synonyms for Transpire:


bloom, fade, choke, bud, die back, bear, come up, blossom, climb. break, unfold, knowledge, get out, show, arrive, out, come out, leak. come, come off, come about, hap, betide. leach, move, solid, ooze, seep, percolate, bleed, weep, transude, exude. transpire (noun)


be (verb)
befall (verb)
follow, come off, hap, happen.
chance (verb)
come, arrive.
come out (verb)
ensue (verb)
study at happen.
happen (verb)
pass, come to pass, take place.
occur (verb)
happen, ensue, occur, arise, follow, eventuate, befall, develop.
transpire (verb)
betide, come out, befall, break, take place, arise, come about, develop, ensue, leak, eventuate, come to pass, get out.

Other synonyms:

transude. exude, percolate, ooze, seep, leach, unfold, betide. weep. leak, come off. bleed. out. come. break. come up. come out
come about, come.
Other relevant words:
blossom, come off, show, move, get out, bleed, break, transpirate, solid, arrive, hap, ooze, exude, fade, climb, unfold, percolate, come, weep, come out, knowledge, come about, seep, choke, bloom, bear, out, come up, bud, leak, transude, leach, betide.

Usage examples for transpire

  1. A greater anxiety and fear than perhaps ever before or since in the history of the country pervaded the political situation in the early months of 1860. What would transpire at the Conventions of the great parties? – A History of the Republican Party by George Washington Platt
  2. How is it that events transpire under your very noses, of which you have no suspicion? – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë