Synonyms for Manifest:


clear, obvious (adjective)
distinct, patent, apparent, plain, visible, noticeable, conspicuous, clear-cut, crystal clear, evident, open.
open (adjective)
unobstructed, exposed, unimpeded, bare, unbolted, Admitting, accessible, agape, ajar, uncovered, yawning, patent, unplugged, Unclosed, unbarred, gaping, open, unstopped, unlocked, uncapped.
visible (adjective)
discernible, observable, obvious, distinct, perceptible, plain, apparent, seeable, evident, visible, exposed, salient, perceivable, conspicuous, clear.


study at evident, render, surrender, express yourself, offer, give away, voice, make no secret of something. identifiable, show up, proclaim. communicate, express, convey. personalize, externalize, incarnate, personify, exteriorize, body forth, objectify, substitute. noticeable, pronounced, crystal clear, clear-cut. bill of lading (noun)
list (noun)
scroll, thesaurus, registry, journal, invoice, daybook, history, account, menu, annual, index, tally, count, lexicon, record, table, logbook, total, novel, Storybook, yearbook, dictionary, summary, itemization, bill, sum, store, census, docket, digest, log, budget, cash book, check, notebook, roll, register, annals, calendar, statement, waybill, repertory, album, recount, scrapbook, tablet, collection, inventory, pad, tabulate, workbook, schedule, diary, roster, detail, documentation, Bank book, list, catalog, chronicle, recording, ledger, enumeration, score, blank-book, file, book, treasury.
manifest (noun)
obvious, evident, evidence, demonstrate, plain, attest, certify, patent, apparent.


demonstrate (verb)
uncover, unmask, flaunt, convince, expose, unveil, flourish.
evince (verb)
observe, determine, attest, witness, illustrate, corroborate, validate, demonstrate, declare, connote, adduce, avouch, document, confirm, testify, evince, support, establish, state, exemplify, authenticate, exhibit, prove, betoken, vouch, substantiate, depose, indicate, certify.
exhibit, make plain (verb)
personify, expose, establish, express, declare, exteriorize, voice, externalize, materialize, objectify, embody, evince, personalize, reveal, prove, confirm, demonstrate, evidence, substantiate, illustrate, display, proclaim, show, incarnate.
manifest (verb)
present, reveal, embody, appear, display, show, materialize.

Other synonyms:

offer, personalize, externalize, crystal clear, exteriorize, show up, identifiable. objectify, noticeable, surrender, clear-cut, incarnate, pronounced. personify, proclaim, express, communicate. convey. come into being
body forth.

Usage examples for manifest

  1. This, it was manifest was a new kind of talk to her. – The Passionate Friends by Herbert George Wells
  2. As soon as this intention has become manifest in the room there is a polite hush in the talk. – Doctor Cupid by Rhoda Broughton
  3. And if Mrs. Dunbar had any knowledge of the world, one thing must have been plainly manifest to her in that examination, and that was that this young girl was not to be managed or controlled after the fashion of most of her kind, but would require very difficult and very peculiar treatment if she were to be bent to the will of others. – The Living Link by James De Mille