Synonyms for Crow:


cheer, clap, hiss, click, gurgle, applaud, groan. bird of paradise, bobwhite, rodomontade, bluejay, budgie, praise, bantam, budgerigar. happy, patronize, glory, be full of yourself, show off. cheep. bird (noun)
condor, turkey, waxwing, tern, eagle, bald eagle, kingfisher, owl, swan, chickadee, cockatoo, goldfinch, bittern, pheasant, starling, sparrow, horned owl, coot, penguin, pigeon, flamingo, jay, thrush, bluebird, weaver, lark, emu, loon, nuthatch, grouse, sheldrake, turtledove, peregrine, road runner, yellowbird, egret, raven, grackle, songbird, spoonbill, Canada Goose, blue jay, swift, blackbird, duck, falcon, mockingbird, ostrich, redwing, goose, mallard, ibis, bullfinch, robin, squab, heron, buzzard, parrot, harrier, crested jay, finch, cormorant, puffin, ringtail, gull, sea gull, myna, woodpecker, grosbeak, plover, redbird, partridge, booby, vulture, parakeet, curlew, dodo, nightingale, wren, rook, dove, teal, cardinal, bluebill, crane, barn owl, snipe, quetzal, hummingbird, stork, oriole, canary, pelican, jackdaw, magpie, sandpiper, mourning dove, lovebird, osprey, bird, albatross, cassowary, macaw, hawk, cuckoo.
crow (noun)
bragging, triumph, line-shooting, vaporing, crowing, gloat, brag, corvus.
cry (noun)
groan, whinny, moo, meow.
ululation (noun)
roar, bay, ululation, bray, hoot, bark, bleat, call, cry, chatter, mew, neigh, cackle, squeal, caw, moo, gobble, cluck, trill, chirp, purr, twit, meow, howl, bawl, bellow, growl, coo, honk, yelp, warble, snarl, snort, cuckoo, whinny, quack, grunt, squawk.


boast (verb)
bluster, brag, blow, vaunt, pontificate, gloat, swagger, lord, preen, aggrandize, bluff, peacock, prance, parade, saunter, strut, cock-a-doodle-doo, boast, flaunt.
brag, exult (verb)
boast, triumph, bluster, caw, squawk, swagger, cry, cock-a-doodle-doo, blow, vaunt, strut, gloat, cackle, rodomontade, gurgle.
communication (verb)
triumph, gloat.
ululate (verb)
bray, bay, chirp, bawl, purr, twit, honk, mew, cry, cluck, trill, bellow, cackle, moo, meow, warble, coo, hoot, ululate, caw, bark, grunt, snarl, squawk, snort, yelp, growl, gobble, whinny, quack, call, howl, roar, chatter, neigh, bleat, squeal.

Other synonyms:

click, groan, cheep, show off, hiss. gurgle, applaud. patronize, clap. cheer. glory. boast
Other relevant words:
cheer, rodomontade, line-shooting, gurgle, patronize, crowing, bragging, groan, glory, triumph, vaporing, hiss, corvus, cheep.

Usage examples for crow

  1. But Carol's crow was a very dark black. – Fairy Prince and Other Stories by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
  2. You see five of us had gone over into the Crow Nation to race horses with the Indians, and it was on the way back that the old man and the bullet holes figger in the story. – Pardners by Rex Beach