Synonyms for Discover:


read up on, gather. unclothe, stumble across, show, map. spill, blab. discover (noun)
come upon, observe, describe, impart, happen upon, detect, see, learn, come across, chance upon, expose, find out, name, get wind, get a line, fall upon, hear, get word, distinguish, find, key, light upon, disclose, give away, attain, let out, key out, strike, divulge, break, notice, bring out, reveal, identify, let on, chance on.
find (noun)
explore, run down, smell, dig out, think of, come-on, hear about, get wise to, catch a glimpse of, track down, create, spy, meet with, sight, gain knowledge of, turn up, root out, look up, invent, ferret out, sense, nose out, awake to, hear of, happen on, descry, come up with, smoke out, bring to light, get wind of, strike upon, become aware of, sniff out, devise, become conscious of, find a clue, light on, stumble upon, evolve, contrive, glimpse, hit upon, find out once and for all, perceive.


cognition (verb)
creation (verb)
discover (verb)
dig up, educe, identify, unmask, elicit, fathom, determine, unearth, disinter, recognize, solve, breakthrough, detect, Unriddle, find, unravel.
find, uncover (verb)
dig up, think of, reveal, ferret out, perceive, explore, get wind of, get wise to, smoke out, come across, light upon, unearth, nose out, turn up, come upon, realize, devise, bring to light, observe, determine, look up, detect, identify, learn, locate, elicit, recognize, sense, disclose, see, invent, glimpse, contrive, hear, notice, distinguish, spot.
learn (verb)
assimilate, comprehend, digest, absorb, realize, glean, understand, read, study, learn, grasp, master.
locate (verb)
lay, locate, pinpoint, establish, situate, place, station, set, spot, post, position, put.
pursue (verb)
track down.
uncover (verb)
disclose, smoke out, uncover, expose, bare, unsheathe, unwrap, reveal, unveil.

Other synonyms:

get wind of, read up on, sniff out, come-on. come up with, perceive. unclothe, hear of, turn up, blab. spill, show. look up. ascertain
come across
chance upon, hit upon, stumble upon, light upon, happen upon.
ferret out
dig out, smoke out, sniff out, nose out, dig up.
get wind of.
meet with.
unveil, give away.
fall upon.

Usage examples for discover

  1. How was I to discover Nikitin again? – The Dark Forest by Hugh Walpole
  2. " Here's my work: does work discover What was rest from work- my life? – Browning and the Dramatic Monologue by S. S. Curry
  3. After she had received the necessary attention there would be time and opportunity to discover her family and friends. – The Red Cross Girls with Pershing to Victory by Margaret Vandercook