Synonyms for Hear:


appear, appeal, affirm, hearken, call, descry, bring, make out, bring before, eavesdrop, cite, claim, attend to, overhear, allow, arraign. pick out, hear of, spot, tune in, gather, recognize, get wind of, tell. comprehend, forbid, see the light, get the idea, reject, make sense of something, work out, fall/fit into place, have a feel for something, know, deduce, refuse to consider. hear out, follow, hear from, hang on someone's every word, strain your eyes/ears, listen in, read someone's lips. Mishear, thoughts, discern, think of, see/hear things, entertain. from what I hear/from what I've heard, rumor/word/legend has it that, to coin a phrase, quote...unquote, (the) word is that, by the sound of it/things, like I say/said, someone tells me (that), I have it on good authority (that). hear (noun)
listen, discover, get word, find out, see, get wind, try, learn, take heed, get a line.
pagan deity (noun)
cupid, jupiter, cronus, minerva, ceres, proserpina, pixie, eros, elf, aphrodite, nix, ares, dionysus, vulcan, gaea, gnome, zeus, bacchus, phoebus, venus, mars, saturn, dryad, demeter, artemis, diana, helios, brownie, rhea, sprite, mermaid, hermes, wood nymph, juno, poseidon, jove, hephaestus, Nixie, nike, Kronos, gaia, apollo, thor, hyperion, nymph, persephone, pluto, banshee, troll, deity, hobgoblin, athena.


become aware of information (verb)
learn, discover, see, gather, find out.
detect by perceiving sound (verb)
descry, get wind of, hearken, make out, attend, eavesdrop, overhear, listen.
hear (verb)
attend, listen.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

get wind of, discern, hear from, Mishear, overhear. make out. discover
think of, get wind of.
Other relevant words:
discover, get a line, descry, get wind of, see, learn, take heed, follow, find out, try, recognize, get word, hearken, entertain, get wind, comprehend, know, overhear, gather, Mishear, pick out, allow, hear out, make out, attend to, listen in, discern, hear of, eavesdrop, deduce, hear from.

Usage examples for hear

  1. " Why should you hear it? – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. Do I hear right? – Lucretia, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  3. Now let me hear you say it. – Countess Kate by Charlotte M. Yonge