Synonyms for Surprise:


well, wow, say, Hey, OOH, good/oh Lord, oh, wonderment, AAH. blow, scandal, revelation, a blinding revelation/realization/vision, zinger, a first, a rude awakening, affront. tell, recognize, discern, observe, detect, pick out, spot, identify, notice, discover. shake up, spring a surprise, stagger, flash mob. disbelief. earth-shattering, surprising, astonishing, sensational, amazing, staggering, unexpected, phenomenal, remarkable, extraordinary. assail, mug, go for, come at, set on, fly at, strike at, ambush. gift, present, freebie, settlement, valentine, red packet, benefaction, largesse, care package. amazement (noun)
amazement, awe, astonishment, wonder, bewilderment.
puzzlement (noun)
something amazing; state of amazement (noun)
amazement, revelation, jolt, bewilderment, wonder, astonishment, wonderment, attack, awe, shock, unexpected.
startle (noun)
attack, surprisev, assault, sneak up on.
surprise (noun)
storm, surprisal.


alarm (verb)
dismay, panic, alert, scare, shock, startle, alarm, frighten, signal.
amaze (verb)
astound, daze, astonish, dazzle, impress, stun, amaze, bewilder, overwhelm.
astonish; cause amazement (verb)
bewilder, stun, stagger, astound, dazzle, overwhelm, daze, take aback, shake up, amaze, startle, dismay.
competition (verb)
sneak up on; catch (verb)
discover, catch unawares, ambush.
surprise (verb)
take aback, catch unawares, jolt.

Other synonyms:

disbelief, scandal, benefaction, valentine, wonderment, red packet, affront, freebie, care package. blow, staggering, largesse, flash mob, zinger. revelation, sensational. gift. settlement, stagger. present. alarm

Usage examples for surprise

  1. " But here we are, safe still," he told himself in surprise – Unexplored! by Allen Chaffee
  2. His friend looked at him in some surprise – The Wisdom of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton