Synonyms for Expect:


bargain on, reckon on, take something for granted, count on, calculate on, plan on. exact, sit on, hesitate, play for time, temporize, procrastinate, delay, put off, wait around. remote, dim, there is no question of something, inconceivable, improbable, long odds, you'll be lucky, unlikely, suppose, I don't suppose, doubtful. surprise, figure on, depend on, bargain for. obligation. expect (noun)
bear, ask, require, anticipate, carry, gestate.


believe strongly; anticipate (verb)
foresee, assume, apprehend, imagine, trust, bargain on, envisage, await, presuppose, suspect, count on, bargain for, suppose, contemplate, surmise, foreknow, presume, hope, gather.
communication (verb)
require, ask.
desire (verb)
hunger, crave, hanker, grasp, lust, thirst, covet, pine, welcome, need, itch, fancy, long.
expect (verb)
envision, contemplate, infer, surmise, dread, foreknow, gather, forebode, envisage, presume, suspect, await, presuppose, foresee, apprehend, deduce, imagine, assume.
foresee (verb)
prophesy, foretell.
hope (verb)
believe, want, desire, dream of, rely, hope, aspire, trust, yearn.
intend (verb)
mean, consider, intend, propose, endeavor, mind, plan, scheme, resolve, wish, choose, aim.
plan (verb)
conceive, anticipate, plot, chart, blueprint, design, premeditate, coordinate, contrive, invent, arrange.
want, wish (verb)
require, exact.

Other synonyms:

bargain on, calculate on, reckon on. suppose. count on. foresee
depend on.
figure on.
calculate on, reckon on.
Other relevant words:
exact, bargain on, reckon on, count on, ask, calculate on, gestate, depend on, anticipate, suppose, carry, bear, bargain for, figure on, require.

Usage examples for expect

  1. And- and may we expect you, Mr. Beendle? – Adventures of Bindle by Herbert George Jenkins
  2. You have not answered me, nor can I expect you to answer me; but look into yourself and answer it there. – An Old Man's Love by Anthony Trollope
  3. But you don't expect me all at once, to care much for it. – In Luck at Last by Walter Besant