Synonyms for Shock:


clash, automatic transmission, collision, alternator, wreck, bottom gear, crash, brake pad, acceleration, brake, antilock braking system, brake fluid, Air brake, ABS. arc light, hysteria, excitement, brownout, arc, confusion, active. alcoholism, add, allergy, acne, amenorrhea, illness, alopecia, trauma, acidity, adhd, collapse, injury, amenorrhoea, amnesia. conflict, revelation, smash, a blinding revelation/realization/vision, a first, zinger, scandal, a rude awakening, affront, percussion. snub, trade blows/insults, step on someone's toes, strike, insult, speak/talk out of turn. stagger, amaze, flash mob, spring a surprise, shake up. disbelief. forelock, bristle, hairline, curl, hair, highlights, frizz, crowning glory, fuzz. act (noun)
amazement (noun)
astonishment, amazement, bewilderment, wonder, awe.
complete surprise; blow (noun)
collapse, clash, trauma, confusion, scare, awe, stupor, injury, jolt, hysteria, excitement, percussion, crash, wreck, collision, impact.
electricity (noun)
discharge, juice, electrode, anode, negative, receiver, voltage, cathode, computer, direct current, resistor, induction, video, current, backplane, ohm, transistor, electromagnetism, monitor, wattage, amplifier, ac, spark, amperes, megahertz, speaker, ic, insulator, circuit card, television, cycle, tweeter, triode, electrostatic, charge, processor, resistance, electronics, kilohertz, motherboard, memory, transmitter, radio, crt, microphone, impedance, radar, frequency, tube, positive, diode, capacitance, fm, electricity, volt, conductor, watt, capacitor, magnetism, alternating current, connection, circuit, network, polarity.
shock (noun)
electric shock, blow out of the water, offend, electrical shock, take aback, outrage, ball over, traumatise, cushion, scandalise, daze, scandalize, shock absorber, stupor, blow, impact, traumatize, stun, floor, seismic disturbance.
wonder (noun)
marvel, fascination, wonderment, reverence.


alarm (verb)
dismay, alarm, signal, alert, scare, startle, frighten, surprise, panic.
completely surprise (verb)
displease, insult, outrage, astound, scandalize, disturb, daze, dismay, jar, shake up, floor, offend, traumatize, startle, stagger, disgust, stun, anger.
displease (verb)
annoy, anger, rile, disappoint, provoke, aggrieve, repel, irritate, jar, disturb, displease, offend, disgust, scandalize, bother, grate.
surprise (verb)
astound, catch unawares, take aback, jolt, astonish, stun.

Other synonyms:

disbelief, snub, scandal, hair, affront, insult. stagger, percussion, flash mob, zinger. revelation, trauma. amaze
amaze, astonish.
Other relevant words:
crash, cushion, smash, electric shock, insult, collapse, affront, hysteria, stagger, collision, conflict, scandal, wreck, injury, scandalise, excitement, electrical shock, trauma, clash, daze, revelation, amaze, ball over, blow, arc, shake up, traumatize, hair, seismic disturbance, impact, percussion, confusion, strike, outrage, stupor, traumatise, blow out of the water, floor, zinger, shock absorber.

Usage examples for shock

  1. This news has been a great shock to me. – Carnival by Compton Mackenzie
  2. But the hotel had a shock the same day. – The Card, A Story Of Adventure In The Five Towns by Arnold Bennett
  3. This was a shock to his friend. – Promenades of an Impressionist by James Huneker