Synonyms for Observed:


covered (adjective)
discovered (adjective)
sighted, invented.
observed (adjective)
venerated, celebrated, Beheld, seen, sanctified, Surveyed, checked, preserved, Contemplated, Examined, Memorialized, noticed, recalled, recognized, minded, kept, remembered, Discerned, discovered, ascertained, marked, consecrated, respected, Solemnized, heard, perceived, Watched, noted, Viewed, Scrutinized, realized, honored, found, Inspected, Regarded.


observed (noun)
discovered, seen, ascertained, determined, witnessed.


celebrated (verb)
Feted, Saluted, Rejoiced, venerated, Memorialized, honored, celebrated, Praised, Frolicked, Inaugurated, Cheered, Exulted, partied, acclaimed, Reveled, Enjoyed, proclaimed, Solemnized, made merry, Caroused, Commemorated, glorified, hailed, Lauded, jubilated, Trumpeted, hallowed.
complied (verb)
accepted, fulfilled, bent, deferred, bowed, Caved, Obeyed, agreed, Concurred, Adhered, respected, Acquiesced, Assented, kowtowed, Submitted, Conformed, Capitulated, Genuflected, Yielded, Succumbed, Consented, Complied, surrendered, knuckled under, Ceded.
conformed (verb)
Mimicked, Aped.
evinced (verb)
illustrated, proved, Vouched, corroborated, substantiated, declared, confirmed, witnessed, validated, Betokened, attested, proven, stated, Indicated, established, Exhibited, deposed, Avouched, Testified, supported, authenticated, determined, Adduced, certified, documented, Exemplified, demonstrated, Connoted, Manifested, Evinced.
examined (verb)
Examined, verified, Scanned, Scrutinized, Perused, checked, Surveyed, reviewed, studied.
imagined (verb)
planned, considered, invented, reflected, conceived, imagined, daydreamed, supposed, designed, Created, thought, Contemplated, Opined, brainstormed, Theorized, fantasized, envisioned.
observed (verb)
Gazed, perceived, Viewed, Watched, beholden, Looked, sight saw, Beheld.
saw (verb)
seen, Peered, Inspected, Regarded, sighted, Glimpsed, Glared, peeked, Glanced, Spied, Discerned, stared, saw.

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Usage examples for observed

  1. " Rather forward of me to say all that, Count," observed the girl. – Love, The Fiddler by Lloyd Osbourne
  2. " I hope we be on the right way," observed Humphrey. – A Boy's Ride by Gulielma Zollinger
  3. " Well, I suppose it's something to fancy that," he observed – The History of Little Peter, the Ship Boy by W.H.G. Kingston