Synonyms for Escort:


come, deliver, bring, drive, haul off, walk. companion, company, accompanied, guardian angel, protector, champion, defender, precaution, guardian, consort, lifesaver. lead, protect, route, conduct, save, direct, shepherd, defend, usher, steer, show, stand up for, guide, shield, watch over, pilot, keep (a) watch, shelter. call girl, conductor, bordello, ho, gigolo, brothel, director, leader, harlot, courtesan, hustle. chaperon, eligible, lay, Mr. Right, conquest, double date, eternal triangle. act (noun)
entourage (noun)
escort (noun)
bodyguard, date, accompaniment, see, esquire.
guide (noun)
retinue, guard, protection, cavalier, partner, train, squire, entourage, guard of honor, consort, cortege, henchman, companion, safeguard, gentleman friend.
protection; accompaniment (noun)
company, convoy, cortege, bodyguard, date, chaperon, guard, cavalier, retinue, protector, partner, squire, companion, guide, safeguard, consort, train, entourage.


accompany (verb)
garnish, attach, second, convoy, supplement, add, chaperone, accessorize, affix, accompany, adorn, attend.
act as a companion, guard (verb)
conduct, steer, direct, show, pilot, protect, attend, shepherd, bring, lead, accompany, usher, see, route.
motion (verb)

Other synonyms:

walk, defend, haul off, bordello, harlot, eternal triangle, gigolo, courtesan, entourage, brothel, call girl, guide, bring, double date, Mr. Right. companion, drive, come, eligible, shepherd, squire. chaperon, consort, deliver, steer, conquest, ho, lead. conduct, conductor, pilot. leader. direct, show. director. company, lay. accompany
show, squire.
watch over.
Other relevant words:
consort, protection, conquest, lifesaver, director, conduct, deliver, chaperon, company, bodyguard, shepherd, leader, shelter, pilot, retinue, drive, come, ho, lead, accompanied, guide, defender, defend, brothel, cavalier, shield, see, lay, protector, watch over, henchman, cortege, hustle, accompaniment, eligible, usher, courtesan, squire, partner, esquire, bring, route, champion, guardian angel, safeguard, steer, show, entourage, walk, conductor, precaution, gigolo, bordello, save, date, protect, train, guardian, guard, companion, harlot, direct.

Usage examples for escort

  1. " Surely, the escort is not worth much," he says, " and I am going to lead you off at once. – Four Arthurian Romances "Erec et Enide", "Cliges", "Yvain", and "Lancelot" by Chretien DeTroyes
  2. Lisette was beside herself with terror at the danger which threatened Marie; but before she could utter another word, the young girl and her little escort had disappeared down the corridor. – The Nameless Castle by Maurus Jókai
  3. Then she would have it that he should escort her back to the Castle. – The Loudwater Mystery by Edgar Jepson