Synonyms for Race:


folk, community, mankind, baton, nation, humankind, come, sect, population, tribe, the blocks, clock, populace, society, nationality, ahead, heredity, come in, false start, group, drop back, culture, dead heat. chase, full-blooded, match, turf, ethnic minority, meet, ethnic, sweepstakes, event, lap, clash, multiracial, heat, spurt, pursuit, black, aryan, steeplechase, minority, competition, relay, clip, engagement, regatta, sport, handicap. strife, rivalry, struggle, contest, tug-of-war, conflict, battle, warfare, outpace, surge, war, fly, Corrivalry, be quick on your feet, striving. free-for-all, fight. face, duel, enter, take up, represent, ride. double, furlong, the horses, going, flat race, flat racing, dressage, horseflesh, gymkhana. generic. category (noun)
classification, type, feather, set, strain, rank, denomination, level, kingdom, label, brand, degree, people, line, make, grade, category, ilk, form, persuasion, mold, stamp, style, genus, Family, clan, taxonomy, kind, class, genotype, variety, species, designation, phylum, grain, order, stripe, caste, step, series, sort.
competition (noun)
tug-of-war, strife, match, rivalry.
ethnic group (noun)
clan, breed, folk, people, nationality, stock, species, kind, tribe, lineage, Family, type, variety, culture, strain, line, nation, color.
line (noun)
place of birth (noun)
pursuit (noun)
pursuit; running, speeding (noun)
engagement, contest, event, clash, clip, meet, relay, competition, dash, rivalry, match, scurry, sprint, chase, rush, spurt, run.
race (noun)
hie, cannonball along, hotfoot, backwash, belt along, raceway, run, bucket along, hasten, rush, pelt along, speed, subspecies, airstream, slipstream, wash, rush along.
social class (noun)
stream, river (noun)


competition (verb)
motion (verb)
run (verb)
canter, bound, gallop, rush, run, scoot, scamper, hurry, scurry, lope, trot, sprint, tear, dash, scramble, jog, plunge, dart.
run, speed in competition (verb)
dart, gallop, tear, hasten, scamper, scramble, fly, hurry, hie.

Other synonyms:

multiracial, regatta, Corrivalry, full-blooded, tug-of-war, aryan, ethnic minority. competition, heat, warfare, nationality, striving, war, free-for-all, rivalry, outpace. match, generic, contest, lap, struggle. ethnic, battle. surge, strife, duel, minority. fly, enter, black. take up, ride, represent. fight. face, clash. meet. a people

Usage examples for race

  1. " It is a race against time. – The Red Conspiracy by Joseph J. Mereto
  2. He is well made, big and strong like all the men of his race and blood. – The Northern Iron 1907 by George A. Birmingham
  3. Florimel heard all, but with the courage of her race – Malcolm by George MacDonald