Synonyms for Fetching:


adorable (adjective)
delightful, attractive.
all (adjective)
winning, taking.
attractive (adjective)
prepossessing, charming, bewitching, glamorous, taking, adorable, winning, enticing, lovely, pleasing, captivating, pretty, engaging.
charming (adjective)
fetching (adjective)
fascinating, enticing, charming, taking, sweet, Luring, pleasing, tempting, captivating, winsome, enchanting.
prepossessing (adjective)
Attracting, drawing.


delightful, adorable, eye-catching, nice-looking, beguiling. glamorous, pretty, enchanting, enticing, winsome, bewitching, lovely, sweet, fascinating, tempting, prepossessing, like, engaging. fetching (noun)
taking, winning, attractive.


acquiring (verb)
winning, Receiving, Garnering, taking, Accumulating, Palming, wrangling, Capturing, incurring, Retrieving, Annexing, acquiring, scoring, purchasing, Cornering, assuming, bagging, Reaping, Pocketing, Adding, buying, collecting, Procuring, Obtaining, catching, Amassing, landing, Luring, getting, harvesting, Claiming, Heaping, Securing, netting.
bringing (verb)
drawing, bearing, imparting, Attracting, Transporting, inducing, conveying, adducing, Carrying, Transferring, bringing, conducting.

Other synonyms:

enchanting, enticing, bewitching. glamorous, fascinating, tempting, prepossessing, winsome, attractive. pretty, lovely. engaging. enchanting
Other relevant words:
engaging, glamorous, tempting, prepossessing, captivating, beguiling, enchanting, delightful, attractive, bewitching, pretty, pleasing, enticing, winsome, fascinating, charming, sweet, lovely, nice-looking, adorable.

Usage examples for fetching

  1. Then, Robert Evans, what charge is yours for fetching the ladies from Dellys? – A Set of Rogues by Frank Barrett
  2. Carinthia stepped into the room, where the little creature was fetching sobs after the spout of screams. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. When we did get well again, Barty would spend much of his play- time fetching and carrying for Mlle. – The Martian by George Du Maurier