Synonyms for Conveyance:


escort, personal transporter, coaster, diesel, transmission, communication, flier, amphibian, machine, motor vehicle, movement, carrier. br, appraisal, move, closing, bridge loan, appraise, blockbusting, chain, bath, balloon mortgage, building society. link, public transportation, departure, law, mass transit, grant, public transport, alienation, service, arrivals, transferal, assignment. cartage (noun)
forwarding, shipment, Truckage, cargo, freight, passage, shipping, carriage, baggage, luggage, cartage, transport, transference, transportation, haulage.
conveyance (noun)
conveying, transfer, transportation, transferral, imparting, impartation, transport, conveyance of title, conveyancing.
delegation (noun)
transport (noun)
machine, transfer, car, communication, transmission, transference, carriage, vehicle, transportation, movement.
vehicle (noun)
coach, armored car, van, gondola, sled, sledge, barge, landau, wagon, ambulance, car, coupe, bus, ship, fire engine, bicycle, jeep, ferry, motorcar, jalopy, truck, hearse, boat, station wagon, sedan, train, convertible, tractor, buggy, vehicle, roadster, auto, automobile, taxicab, cab, motorcycle, taxi, limousine, boxcar, stagecoach, cart, brougham.

Other synonyms:

diesel, coaster, transferal, transmission, public transportation, communication, personal transporter, public transport, departure, mass transit, motor vehicle. amphibian. carrier. flier. alienation, machine. assignment, link. service. Other relevant words:
assignment, imparting, coaster, transferal, alienation, grant, carrier, conveyancing, transferral, move, link, machine, impartation, conveying, transmission, movement, conveyance of title, transfer, communication.

Usage examples for conveyance

  1. I shall get a conveyance from the 'Blackwater Arms. – A Night on the Borders of the Black Forest by Amelia B. Edwards
  2. I took the risk of the maids coming back, and I ran to the square for my conveyance – A Mysterious Disappearance by Gordon Holmes