Synonyms for Walk:


conduct, deliver, escort, haul off, come, lead, bring, shepherd. gangway, roll, footpath, dock, guide, passage, pavement, platform, manhandle, trail, street, alley, transfer, sidewalk, pier, road, track, advance, budge, propel, take, shunt, avenue. arraign, saunter, appeal, claim, allow, call, constitutional, turn, perambulation, cite, bring before, appear, affirm, circuit. border, flowerbed, herbaceous border, bed, backyard, garden, handout, grounds, bower, allotment, botanical garden. position, occupation, stray. ballpark, baseline, ball girl, ball boy, ball, meander, batboy, move, baseball, at-bat, base. resign, step aside, quit, vacate, hand in your notice/resignation, stand-down, retire, leave, give/hand in (your) notice, bow out. fundraiser, foot it, benefit, foot, funfair, bazaar, bake sale, step, tread, ambulate, flag day, fundraising, hoof, carnival, pace. bunt, foul, baulk, double, HIT, fly, catch, bat, ground out, balk. esplanade, nature trail, path, towpath, bridle path, pathway. mosey, trudge. stagger, limp, shuffle, strut, goose step. act (noun)
alley (noun)
basketball (noun)
center, foul out, basketball, field goal, goaltending, foul line, dunk, basket, full-court press, backboard.
brief travel on foot (noun)
constitutional, gait, jaunt, stride, stroll, step, tour, hike, march, saunter, pace, perambulation, promenade, circuit, tread, turn, ramble.
expedition (noun)
expedition, voyage, junket, safari, excursion, outing.
gait (noun)
manner of walking (noun)
step, stride, tread, gait.
pathway (noun)
footpath, alley, trail, esplanade, avenue, road, pier, track, pavement, passage, sidewalk, platform, course, gangway, path, street.
walk (noun)
paseo, pass, take the air, walk of life, manner of walking, walking, base on balls, walkway.
walkway (noun)


move along on foot (verb)
foot, trek, ambulate, rove, amble, lead, shuffle, trudge, strut, roam, wander, escort, advance, meander.
wander (verb)
jaunt, sojourn, trek, trip, promenade, drive, ramble, rove, tour, wander, course, journey, roam, travel, cycle, stroll, amble, march, hike.

Other synonyms:

bridle path, escort, footpath, shepherd, shuffle, perambulation, towpath, esplanade, gait, pathway, goose step, haul off, lead, ambulate, track, nature trail, mosey. guide, come, conduct, meander, bring. hoof, deliver, stride. foot, path. leave, limp, trail, constitutional. stagger. pace, step. turn. move
go away.
Other relevant words:
handout, shuffle, budge, walk of life, take the air, mosey, conduct, bazaar, meander, backyard, escort, saunter, ballpark, tread, baulk, basket, center, position, trudge, evaporate, pavement, trail, pier, bower, vacate, advance, ball, bring, shunt, walkway, funfair, appear, pass, manhandle, disappear, dissolve, avenue, dock, pathway, flowerbed, cite, gait, grounds, occupation, fundraiser, pace, goose step, foul, double, road, resign, come, towpath, ambulate, die, limp, call, retire, goaltending, claim, paseo, appeal, alley, gangway, fundraising, allow, backboard, cease, quit, baseball, bunt, transfer, border, propel, base, guide, bed, platform, balk, nature trail, roll, esplanade, allotment, step, circuit, baseline, constitutional, stride, vanish, shepherd, bat, strut, catch, hoof, take, dunk, finish, stray, basketball, HIT, track, sidewalk, base on balls, affirm, foot, garden, manner of walking, fly, foot it, lead, passage, move, deliver, footpath, turn, arraign, perambulation, bridle path, walking, path, benefit, leave, carnival, stagger, street, batboy.

Usage examples for walk

  1. Do you think you can walk – The Crimson Sweater by Ralph Henry Barbour
  2. " I'm going to take a walk she said. – The Sea Bride by Ben Ames Williams
  3. Am I to walk along there? – The Cuckoo Clock by Mrs. Molesworth