Synonyms for Sail:


beam, amidships, bowsprit, bilge, bay, blade, bow, aft, cloth, boom. berth, beach, journey, trip, anchor, the Admiral's Cup, boating, boater, bail out, the America's Cup, Ahoy. charge, gallop, festinate, whisk, hasten, rip, haste, shoot, fleet, bucket, scoot, whirl, run, whiz, pelt, sprint, tear, flit, speed, nip, flash, scour, race, highball, hotfoot, surge, be quick on your feet, outpace, zoom, dash, move, bustle, zip, wing, bolt, dart, trot, rocket, fly, hustle, hurry, barrel, rush. founder, dock, heel, hydroplane, capsize, cast off, ground, go about, come about, heave to, skim. flutter, flap, start-off, sally, flitter, set forth, start out, embark on, set off, start. glide, flow, roll. hop to it, go at, work, attack, tackle. artifact (noun)
canvass, canvas, sheet.
cruise (noun)
go (noun)
set out, depart, leavev, sailv.
sail (noun)
cruise, navigate, canvass, canvas, sweep, sheet, voyage.


begin (verb)
boat (verb)
ship, row, ferry, boat, canoe.
breeze (verb)
zip, trip, sally, glide, hurry.
dart (verb)
hasten, flash, tear, rush, gallop, scoot, sprint, dash, whiz, speed.
drift (verb)
flow, flitter, flutter.
flit (verb)
fleet, whisk.
motion (verb)
navigate (verb)
maneuver, guide, float, cruise, drift.
sail (verb)
float, boat, move, fly, navigate, cruise, drift, run, shoot, dart, flit, cast off, voyage, pilot, wing, skim, sweep.

Other synonyms:

festinate, skim. highball, embark on, scoot, set forth, hotfoot, rocket, flit, zoom, whisk, rush, dart, bustle. sprint, rip, hasten, flitter, flutter. fly, start-off, tear, flash, whiz, flap, bucket, set out, start out. haste, nip, whirl, glide, set off, flow, fleet, hurry, hustle. bolt, dash. run. roll. shoot. start. flit
set forth, set out.

Usage examples for sail

  1. " No. We sail at seven to- morrow. – The Voice in the Fog by Harold MacGrath
  2. Suppose we take a sail on the lake to- day, and go up into the mountains to- morrow morning? – The Gadfly by E. L. Voynich