Synonyms for Traverse:


bridle path, nature trail, walk, boardwalk, pathway, towpath, footpath, esplanade, path. move, fight your way, bulldoze, push, pass, squeeze. rise, zigzag. pivot, swivel. examine, case, investigate, inspect, view, scrutinize, peruse, survey, go over, study, check. contradict, Disaffirm, oppugn, affirm, negate, negative, controvert, contravene, gainsay. crossover (noun)
move over.
traverse (noun)
cut across, crossbeam, trave, sweep, span, transom, track, get over, cover, traversal, cross, cut through, pass over, get across, deny.


communication (verb)
cross over; travel (verb)
cross, walk, track, cover, pass over, span, go over, cut across, move over.
resist, contradict (verb)
contest, buck, dispute, deny, Disaffirm, negate, gainsay, oppose, contravene, negative, check.

Other synonyms:

blockage, oppugn, Disaffirm. bulldoze, snag, buck, hindrance, obstacle, scrutinize, clog, zigzag, barricade, contradict. controvert, barrier, impediment, gainsay, pivot, obstruction, inspect, peruse, examine, oppose, contravene. negative, dispute, resist, negate. hurdle, wall. pass, bar, squeeze, block. case. push. Other relevant words:
study, impediment, examine, challenge, bar, oppose, survey, blockage, pass, barricade, dispute, gainsay, zigzag, walk, cover, inspect, obstacle, view, hamper, stop, contradict, pivot, oppugn, contest, resist, obstruction, hurdle, clog, go over, wall, negative, Disaffirm, move over, block, hindrance, case, bulldoze, scrutinize, negate, controvert, peruse, barrier, check, contravene, push, snag, swivel, move, buck, investigate.

Usage examples for traverse

  1. He had made the traverse several times successfully, and was thoroughly acquainted with most of the ground on both banks of the Potomac. – Border and Bastille by George A. Lawrence
  2. " Simply because I dare not permit you to traverse these roads alone," I said soberly. – My Lady of the North by Randall Parrish
  3. All along the way which they will have to traverse they will meet friendly outposts, who will report to them on the condition of the roads and warn them of any danger that might be ahead. – Castles in the Air by Baroness Emmuska Orczy