Synonyms for Smoking:


chain-smoke, drag, having a drag, draw, cessation, pulling on a pipe, light up, habit, draw on, burning the weed, ashtray, nicotine gum, cold turkey. berth, bogie, caboose, boxcar, baggage car, buffet, cab, carriage, cable car, car. act (noun)
smoking (noun)
smoky, smoke.


befall (verb)
puff (verb)
draw, drag.

Usage examples for smoking

  1. Into the smoking room he went, shut the door carefully behind him, and made for the window. – The Man From the Clouds by J. Storer Clouston
  2. He lit another cigarette and for some time sat smoking silently, while Craven lay looking into space trying not to envy the dead man who had found the rest that he himself had been denied. – The Shadow of the East by E. M. Hull
  3. When he came at last within sight of the camp, he saw that Lone Chief was at home, smoking his pipe in the doorway of his tepee. – Dusty Star by Olaf Baker