Synonyms for Herd:


escort, shepherd, conduct, gathering, haul off, lead, deliver, come, bring, walk, flight. rabble, hoi polloi, people, multitude, brace, gaggle, community. dairy, cattle prod, crate, drive, move, run, crook, corral, brand, cow town, dip. crew (noun)
detachment, covey, fellowship, bunch, caucus, crowd, bevy, force, union, detail, group, collection, body, clan, colony, sect, cell, troupe, staff, wing, coterie, clique, litter, phalanx, club, aggregation, complement, flock, posse, circle, faction, coalition, tribe, junta, cadre, assemblage, host, troop, party, team, mob, fleet, set, gang, retinue, platoon, society, pack, ring, school, regiment, brigade, fraternity, nest, crew, drove, division, squad, army, band, outfit, cabal, hive, league, battalion, assembly, company, string.
herd (noun)
large group (noun)
flight, flock, nest, covey, gathering, clan, rabble, school, hoi polloi, drove, crowd, pack, bevy, mob, gaggle, people, multitude, collection, assemblage.


gather; shepherd (verb)
force, lead, corral, run, drive.
manage animals (verb)
groom, wrangle, domesticate, ranch, tame, train, farm, breed, break, hostle, housebreak.

Other synonyms:

gaggle. drive, community. flight, brace. run. assembly
Other relevant words:
deliver, crook, come, shepherd, flight, move, ruck, gathering, brand, bring, drive, people, dairy, corral, rabble, brace, lead, run, gaggle, hoi polloi, conduct, crate, multitude, community, dip, escort, walk.

Usage examples for herd

  1. Confound that herd guard; tell 'em to take off those side- lines when they're moving, if it's only a hundred yards. – Campaigning with Crook and Stories of Army Life by Charles King
  2. Jarvis had to persuade 'Charlie' Artisarlook, just on his say- so, to give up his whole herd his entire wealth, promisin' that the same number of deer should be returned. – The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers by Francis Rolt-Wheeler