Synonyms for Leading:


advanced (adjective)
all (adjective)
arch (adjective)
master, major, consummate, chief.
bigger (adjective)
directing (adjective)
frontal (adjective)
vanguard, Headmost, foremost, frontal, front-most, avant-garde, facial.
influential (adjective)
masterful, influential, commanding, motivational, important, ruling, prejudicial, supreme, senior, controlling, predominant, powerful, authoritative.
leading (adjective)
first, top, Headmost, famous, champion, main, governing, popular, best, foremost, primary, well-known, principal, notorious, dominant, dominating, number one, ruling, premier.
master (adjective)
commanding, principal, Presiding, senior, directing, star, head, ruling, governing, master.
preceding (adjective)
successful (adjective)
high-flying, triumphant, thriving, distinguished, huge, successful, brilliant.
superior (adjective)
consummate, eminent, champion, controlling, choice, elite, ascendant, above, furthermost, paramount, king, chosen, furthest, chief, master, sovereign, commanding, signal, better, best, supreme, quintessential, senior, superior, ruling, most, predominant, dominant, maximum, A 1, zenith, foremost, Headmost, crowning, uppermost.


ahead (adverb)


come, drop back, come in, baton, false start, the blocks, dead heat, clock, dash. key, premier, capital, primary, number one, cardinal, prime, top, main, major, first. well-known, famous, Famed, popular, knowledge, notorious. first (noun)
first, front, advance.
prelude (noun)
preceding, antecedent, prelude, introduction, avant-garde, foregoing.


controlling (verb)
Overseeing, Harnessing, Administering, piloting, steering, Bridling, governing, executing, dominating, Disciplining, Superintending, ordering, directing, supervising, Managing, Presiding.
directing (verb)
Lording, Bossing, mastering, conducting.
influencing (verb)
Authorizing, Predominating, affecting, Prejudicing, Influencing, motivating, powering, pressuring, Biasing, Empowering, swaying.
lead (verb)
mastering (verb)
preceding (verb)
Introducing, Antedating, trail-blazing, predating, Pioneering, Anticipating, foreshadowing, heading off, anteceding, forerunning.

Other synonyms:

premier, front, first, cardinal. main, well-known, key, Famed, primary. notorious. prime. popular. renowned
Other relevant words:
distinguished, primary, capital, dash, brilliant, major, popular, main, premier, prime, advance, key, clock, cardinal, successful, top, triumphant, baton, thriving, first, front, famous, come, notorious, knowledge, well-known, number one, Famed, huge, high-flying.

Usage examples for leading

  1. Swartboy took a leading part in this conversation, as he was better acquainted with the subject than any of them. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  2. Leading him, the man came up with Rodney and Sylvie, as they turned into the side road. – The Other Girls by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney