Synonyms for Second:


alternate (adjective)
surrogate, backup.
alternative (adjective)
double (adjective)
dual, paired, double-faced, two-sided, dyadic, two, double, dualistic, double-barreled, bilateral, two-faced, bifurcated, binary, duplicate, bi-form, two-fold, twin, twice, duple, duplex, twinned.
inferior (adjective)
dependent, junior, underling, subservient, under, menial, below, inferior, subject, lesser, subordinate.
second (adjective)
another, unimportant, twin, extra, additional, alternative, further, following, other, lesser, secondary, inferior, double, next in order, duplicate.
substitute (adjective)
substitute, replacement.


all (adverb)


bundle, goods, offering, come-on, wares, product, consumer goods, loss leader, acquisition, merchandise. as well, together with something, big, tick, besides, in addition, supplementary, also, JIFF, too, further, twinkle, additional. ally, promote, sympathize, agree with, speak up for, get behind, align. in descending order, collateral, incidental, subsidiary. eighth, fifth, fourteenth, eleventh, hundredth, fourth, fifteenth, fiftieth, billionth, fortieth. bout, short-term, a bit. thirdly, lastly, to begin with, last but not least, ...or something (like that), Et cetera, and so on/forth, firstly. M, half-hour, hr, nanosecond. abettor (noun)
accomplice, accessory.
accompaniment (noun)
addition, ornament, fixture, appendix, accompaniment, addendum, attachment, appurtenance, consort, companion, extension, brother, adornment, secondary, appendage.
agent (noun)
broker, operative, ombudsman, go-between, actor, agency, instrument, impresario, mediator, liaison, middleman, intermediary, executor, vehicle, factor.
aid/aide (noun)
aide-de-camp, lieutenant, abettor, attendant, deputy.
assistant (noun)
agent, junior, adjunct, aide, henchman, hireling, ancillary, helpmate, attorney, functionary, deputy, backer, abettor, subordinate, accessory, minion, assistant, lieutenant, menial, partner, attendant, auxiliary, acolyte, patsy, follower, laborer, chaperone, aide-de-camp, underling, helper, proxy, servant, Aider, flunky, benefactor, accomplice, associate, extra, stooge, employee.
deputy (noun)
envoy, arm, token, double, appointee, assignee, dummy, backup, spokesman, delegate, surrogate, substitute, figurehead, spokeswoman, representative, alternate, understudy, stand in, mouthpiece, nominee, emissary, ghost.
duplication (noun)
duo, bifurcation.
point of time (noun)
decade, lifetime, era, epoch, month, minute, day, term, millennium, century, age, year, semester, hour, week, time, millisecond, generation, microsecond.
second (noun)
endorse, irregular, bit, secondly, intermediate, second base, 2d, endorsement, backer, assistant, second gear, arcsecond, back, indorse, S, 2nd, ordinal, moment, forward, helper, sec.
secondary (noun)
other, next, unimportant, following, next to the first, next in order, next in rank, another.
subordinate (noun)
substitute (noun)
counterfeit, fill in, alternative, imitation, replacement.


accompany (verb)
add, garnish, accessorize, attend, convoy, affix, accompany, escort, attach, adorn, supplement.
approve (verb)
get behind.
attach (verb)
second (verb)
promote, back, endorse, forward.
social (verb)
endorse, indorse, back.
substitute (verb)
displace, trade, imitate, supersede, exchange, represent, subrogate, commute, switch, supplant, replace, swap, change.

Other synonyms:

promote, thirdly, lastly, JIFF, collateral, Et cetera. short-term, subsidiary, firstly. incidental, bout. tick. approve
get behind.
speak up for.
Other relevant words:
bit, following, next, fifth, intermediate, endorsement, lastly, arcsecond, thirdly, ordinal, other, indorse, forward, JIFF, S, subsidiary, bout, supplementary, second base, 2d, nanosecond, further, additional, unimportant, endorse, sec, tick, irregular, fourth, promote, twinkle, secondly, 2nd, get behind, another, next in order, back, second gear, moment.

Usage examples for second

  1. But wait till the second act. – The Way of Ambition by Robert Hichens
  2. The second came first. – The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation by J. S. Fletcher
  3. " Your father won't let you," said the second lad. – Shelled by an Unseen Foe by James Fiske