Synonyms for Boy:


cherub, imp, child prodigy, bairn, adolescent, boomerang kid, issue. beings, backfield, center, all-American, conference, ballplayer, connect, center forward, blue, back, club. bull, cockerel, bullock, boar, Billy Goat, alpha male, dog. macho-man, boy wonder, family man. buster, mate, dude, buddy, bud, BRO, sport. bevy, rogues' gallery, crew, lot, bunch, mob, posse, gaggle, clan, gang. compliments to someone, (nuff) props to someone, good boy/girl, well-done, that's the way, you're a genius, good thinking, let's hear it for, bravo. boy (noun)
male child, son.
juvenile (noun)
lad (noun)
junior, shaver, schoolboy, little gentleman, youth, little guy, young man, master, whippersnapper, cadet, puppy, small fry, tad.
male (noun)
male child (noun)
man (noun)
man, chap, gentleman, manhood, hombre, fellow, male, masculinity, gent, buck, guy.
person (noun)
male child.
young man (noun)
chap, schoolboy, master, little guy, shaver, cadet, junior, youth, stripling, small fry, sprout, fellow, youngster, dude, whippersnapper, lad, buck, guy, child, puppy.
young person (noun)
juvenile, kid.

Other synonyms:

ballplayer, imp, child prodigy, center forward, macho-man, backfield, bullock, boomerang kid, niece, mother's boy, nephew, bravo, alpha male, boar, all-American, cherub, adolescent, bull, Billy Goat, firstborn. dog, family man, issue, conference, young man, youth, center, dude. blue, junior. club. back.

Usage examples for boy

  1. The boy could not go with them. – Love Stories by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. " There's no need of that, my boy – The Adventures of a Country Boy at a Country Fair by James Otis
  3. You'll see she won't let that boy go. – Fated to Be Free by Jean Ingelow