Synonyms for Add:


combine, alcoholism, allergy, acidity, alopecia, amnesia, acne, join, amenorrhoea, amenorrhea, unite. prove, project, continue, reply, go on. range, lay out, collate, sort, organize, pile, totalize, layer, order, arrange. get out, open, bring up, break your silence, find your tongue, begin, throw in. add (noun)
supply, bestow, mbd, attention deficit disorder, minimal brain damage, append, add up, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, sum, adhd, minimal brain dysfunction, summate, lend, contribute, total, sum up, add together, tot up, tote up, tally, tot, hyperkinetic syndrome, impart, bring.
add up (noun)
tally, sum up, include, calculate, tot up, total, add together, reckon, compute.
learning disability (noun)
attention deficit disorder.
state (noun)
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, hyperkinetic syndrome, attention deficit disorder, minimal brain damage, minimal brain dysfunction, adhd, mbd.


accompany (verb)
adorn, accompany, supplement, chaperone, attach, garnish, accessorize, escort, convoy, second, affix, attend.
acquire (verb)
reap, catch, secure, palm, garner, incur, get, net, capture, bag, pocket, lure, land, receive, heap, amass, fetch, retrieve, procure, purchase, take, collect, corner, harvest, wrangle, buy, obtain, win, claim, assume.
add (verb)
augment, attain, aggregate, accumulate, increase, increment, accrue, annex, acquire.
adjoin, increase; make further comment (verb)
include, continue, augment, annex, reply, supplement, affix, boost, append.
communication (verb)
append, supply.
increase (verb)
maximize, elevate, lengthen, fatten, extend, boost, enlarge, expand, burgeon, raise, reinforce, heighten, broaden, magnify, grow, advance, amplify, inflate, upgrade, widen.
simple arithmetical process of increase; accumulation (verb)
figure, count up, enumerate, count, compute, tot, calculate, tally, tot up, total, reckon, sum, summate.

Other synonyms:

alopecia, amnesia, allergy, continue, go on, acne, begin. include, bring up, pile, throw in. acidity, get out. open. add up
gauge, enumerate, tot, tote up.
count up.
build in.
build in.

Usage examples for add

  1. It's not respectable the way they look at you and add you up and question you in those trying- on rooms, when they've got you." – The Lion's Share by E. Arnold Bennett
  2. Her assent was clear enough to cause me to add in a moment: " I see. – The Turn of the Screw by Henry James
  3. We should be delighted to add you to our little circle, Captain Warren. – Cap'n Warren's Wards by Joseph C. Lincoln