Synonyms for Exposed:


all (adjective)
in danger (adjective)
made public (adjective)
solved, disclosed, discovered, denuded, Exhibited, manifest, peeled, bare, dug up, unveiled, visible, bared, stripped, Divulged, revealed, evident, unprotected, unsealed, debunked, unmasked, uncovered, clear, open, apparent.
naked (adjective)
denuded, unveiled, stripped, bald, unclothed, peeled, Disrobed, Divested, undressed, unclad, bare.
open (adjective)
unlocked, unbolted, yawning, open, Unclosed, ajar, uncapped, unimpeded, uncovered, unplugged, unbarred, unstopped, manifest, unobstructed, bare, patent, Admitting, agape, gaping, accessible.
revealed (adjective)
disclosed, showing, overt, Exhibited, uncovered, bared, revealed, Divulged, Displayed.
uncovered (adjective)
revealed, unsheathed, unveiled, unwrapped, bare, overt, uncovered.
unprotected (adjective)
visible (adjective)
apparent, distinct, conspicuous, observable, manifest, discernible, plain, salient, clear, seeable, perceivable, evident, perceptible, visible, obvious.


at-risk, insecure, at the mercy of, in harm's way, under threat. protection. exposed (noun)
open, unprotected, uncovered, unclothed.
susceptibility (noun)
liability, potentiality, probability, susceptibility, proneness, tendency, likeliness, apt, vulnerability, likelihood.


demonstrated (verb)
demonstrated, Evinced, Flaunted, Indicated, Flourished, Manifested, presented, convinced, unmasked, illustrated.
discovered (verb)
elicited, determined, found, unraveled, Disinterred, Unearthed, solved, Fathomed, Educed, recognized, dug up, realized, detected, identified.
divested (verb)
shedded, bared.
opened (verb)
opened, released, undone, unsealed, Undid, disclosed, uncorked.
revealed (verb)
shamed (verb)
dishonored, debunked, shamed, Pilloried, Scandalized, shown up, maligned, Stigmatized, Vilified, disgraced, Ridiculed, showed up, Mocked, discomfited, Ostracized, humiliated.
uncovered (verb)

Other synonyms:

insecure, leeward, at-risk. shady. windy. unprotected
Other relevant words:
unprotected, insecure.

Usage examples for exposed

  1. You know you've no right to an exposed card, and you know he didn't go to do it. – The Desire of the Moth; and The Come On by Eugene Manlove Rhodes
  2. It was awful to think that when the judge stood up and exposed me, all those people, and Miss Dorothy, would be there to see me driven from the Show. – The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys by Richard Harding Davis