Synonyms for Shade:


blackness, darkness, reminder, dimness, shades, keepsake, aide-memoire, memento, souvenir, a monument to something. cast, Redraw, rough out, etch, caricature, draw, sketch, illustrate. fraction, suggestion, piece, a little, taster, variation, sample, hint, proposal, a bit, fragment. bench, brolly, deck chair, chaise, lawn chair, chaise longue, beach chair, covering, lounger, chaise lounge. contact lens, eyewear, eyeglasses, contact, bifocals, four-eyes, revenant, earpiece, frames, bridge, dark glasses. colors, extinguish, cut out, gradation, tinge, block out. class, classification, sort, cross-section, taxonomy, grouping, category, kind, type, variety. chromatic, flash, contrast, coloring, discoloration, big, color scheme, depth, colouring. Eidolon, make a favorable impression (on someone), Bogle, be really/quite something, supernatural, be an inspiration to someone, knock your socks off, take your breath away, visitant, commend itself (to someone), exceed (someone's) expectations, make an impression, stand out, bogey, bogeyman, haunt. blind, shield (noun)
canopy, veil, awning, covering, curtain.
color (noun)
dye, stain, palette, hue, spectrum, paint, color, ink, rainbow, tone, complexion, tincture, tint, pigment.
coloring (noun)
darkness (noun)
shadowy, murky.
dimness (noun)
cover, umbrage, shadiness, penumbra, umbra, blackness, darkness, shadow, screen.
ghost (noun)
revenant, visitant, bogey, wraith, haunt, specter, daemon.
nicety (noun)
shade (noun)
ghost, barrier, shadowiness, parasol, shutter, awning, canopy, visor, cover, veil, sunshade, shadow, tint, umbrella, screen, venetian blind, tad, refinement, shadiness, spectre, tincture, curtain, panoply, specter, tone, subtlety, nuance, lamp shade, shield, wraith, blinders, spook, shade off, nicety, blind.
slight difference (noun)
hint, variation, tincture, semblance, nuance, streak, proposal, gradation, dash, suggestion, suspicion, variety.
state (noun)
shadowiness, shadiness.


color (verb)
dye, ink, tint, paint, stain, color.
darken (verb)
cloud, obscure, blacken, darken, dim.
dim (verb)
fog, eclipse.
shade (verb)
shut out the light (verb)
cloud, shutter, hide, dim, shield, blacken, darken, obscure, eclipse.
weather (verb)
shadow, shade off.

Other synonyms:

roller blind, curtain rod, penumbra, Eidolon, illustrate, Bogle, drapes, lace curtain, jalousie, Redraw, revenant, umbra, etch, bogey, bogeyman, darkness. gradation, whisker, block out, visitant, whiff. umbrage, semblance, caricature, sketch, extinguish, intimation, draw. full-length, hair, streak, whisper. cut out, hint. cast, breath. blacken

Usage examples for shade

  1. Then he went on, just a shade more sharply. – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. It begun fairly warrum, wan hundherd or so in th' shade but no wan minded that. – Mr. Dooley: In the Hearts of His Countrymen by Finley Peter Dunne
  3. Or was Selene dead and was the white figure her wandering shade – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers