Synonyms for Educe:


show, summon, draw. excogitate, reason, evolve. educe (noun)
elicit, derive, draw out, extract, evoke.
evoke (noun)
study at extract, obtain.


bring out, elicit (verb)
derive, evoke, excogitate, evolve, draw, draw out, reason, obtain, extract.
change (verb)
creation (verb)
elicit, evoke, extract, draw out.
discover (verb)
elicit, unearth, identify, solve, disclose, disinter, unravel, detect, Unriddle, reveal, realize, find, discover, breakthrough, dig up, expose, fathom, unmask, recognize, determine.

Other synonyms:

excogitate. evolve. draw. draw out
Other relevant words:
draw, draw out, extract, evolve, evoke, excogitate, show, obtain, reason, summon, derive.

Usage examples for educe

  1. Of course it would require Divine power as much to educe uncounted millions of animalcules at the word of command, as to form real blood, so that no escape from the presence of Deity would be gained by admitting the supposition; but the words of the inspired narrative seem to render it untenable. – The Romance of Natural History, Second Series by Philip Henry Gosse