Synonyms for Glint:


manifest, make no secret of something, give away, surrender, offer, render, display, show, express yourself, voice. glare, coruscation, wink, catch the light. dazzle, beautiful, glister, radiance. edge, outpouring, fireworks, trace, smoke signal, coruscate, spangle. beam (noun)
glare, glow, shimmer, radiation, flicker, sparkle.
flash (noun)
dazzle, spark, coruscation, luster, glisten, illumination, beam, incandescence, scintillation, quiver.
gleam (noun)
glint (noun)
glimmer, glisten, glitter, flash, shine, peek, twinkle, spark, gleam, flicker, trace, glance.
glister (noun)
light (noun)
flash, lucidity, light, sparkle, luminousness, gleam, glitter, shine, beam, brilliance, blaze, glow, brightness, luster, incandescence, radiation, illumination, scintillation.
ray of light (noun)


flame (verb)
flare, blaze, fire, light, coruscate.
flash (verb)
scintillate, blink, radiate, spangle, incandesce.
flicker (verb)
flutter, waver, flicker, tremble, glimmer, quiver, blink, shimmer, wave, twinkle.
light (verb)
flood, illuminate, incandesce, fire, radiate, scintillate, spot, flare, fluoresce.

Other synonyms:

coruscate, glister, coruscation. outpouring, smoke signal. wink. edge, trace. glisten
Other relevant words:
coruscate, dazzle, spark, coruscation, radiance, glister, trace, glisten, glance, wink, outpouring, glare, beam, spangle, peek.