Synonyms for Aim:


talk, say, put (something) into words, express yourself, verbalize, enunciate, speak, utter, communicate. zero in, lash out, swipe, slash, strike at, cast, lunge, turn, strike out, swing, hit out. planned, envisage, plan on, have big ideas/plans, be going to do something, contemplate. lob, hurl, pitch, toss, throw, fling. aim (noun)
heading, place, get, purport, bearing, purpose, drive, direct, target, shoot for, object, aspire, intention, design, objective, point, propose, intent, calculate.
bearing (noun)
heading, inclination, position, direction, location, vector, fix, course, orientation, bearing.
cognition (noun)
design, intent, intention, purpose.
direction (noun)
route, path, track, trend, itinerary.
endeavor (noun)
enterprise, gambit, deed, adventure, effort, project, engagement, essay, commitment, proceeding, job, production, performance, purpose, undertaking, action.
goal (noun)
objective, intention, scheme, object, design, aspiration, purpose, target, intent, direction, plan, course, ambition, wish.
heading (noun)
vector, heading.
intention (noun)
prospectus, scenario, proposal, policy, plan, calculation, expectation, idea, schedule, agenda, goal, strategy, choice, consideration, procedure, forecast, intention, wish, will, ambition, object, forethought, scheme.
plan (noun)
conception, arrangement, blueprint, plot, chart, proposition, invention, design, anticipation, coordination, premeditation, contrivance.
pursuit (noun)
objective, profession, vocation, lodestar, pursuit, life work, mission, destination, target, aspiration.


cognition (verb)
direct, calculate.
communication (verb)
get, drive.
competition (verb)
endeavor (verb)
proceed, engage, volunteer, endeavor, assay, approach, exploit, commit, act, venture, maneuver, contract, attempt, perform, undertake.
head (verb)
bear, steer, head.
intend (verb)
consider, expect, propose, mean, choose, resolve, mind, intend.
plan (verb)
conceive, arrange, coordinate, anticipate, contrive, premeditate, invent.
point or direct at a goal (verb)
endeavor, propose, cast, intend, contemplate, direct, steer, mean, attempt, fix, aspire, strive, essay.
pursue (verb)
stalk, quest, trail, pursue, dog, chase, search, harry, aspire, tail, seek, hunt, follow, sleuth, strive.

Other synonyms:

envisage, lob, slash, plan on. lunge, lash out, toss, hurl, swipe, strike at, hit out. throw, fling. contemplate. swing. cast. pitch. turn. direct
zero in.

Usage examples for aim

  1. Then I took aim and knocked one over, and the rest ran off. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  2. His desire for us should be our aim and desire for ourselves. – Expositions of Holy Scripture Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers by Alexander Maclaren
  3. When do you aim to leave? – The Lost Wagon by James Arthur Kjelgaard