Synonyms for Burn:


ablaze, alight, flaming, blazing, glowing, on fire, roaring, fiery. athlete's foot, blotch, blackhead, black eye, abscess, abrasion, bedsore, hot, blemish. author, call up, block, back up, archive, access, burn-in, capture, browse. aspire, yearn, hope, want, wish, lust after, long, look for, have your heart set on (doing) something, crave. boxercise, bodybuilding, bend, calisthenics, aquarobics, chin up, aerobics, the burn, circuit training, aerobic, smart. dispatch, feelings, bump off, assassinate, massacre, slaughter, enrage, strangle, madden, infuriate, exterminate, incense, anger, take someone's life. digest, steam, fume, assimilate, down, boil over, explode, bristle, absorb, metabolize, metabolise, ingestion, stay down, flare up, seethe, foam, rage, go down. brown, ferment, calm, bubble, boil down, baste, charbroil, smolder, churn. give out, poop out, tired, run down, catch. disable, harm, injure, strain, break. sparkle, glare, catch the light. biomass, capacity, gas, energy, biofuel, biogas, coal-fired, fossil fuel. breakage, blight, burnout, chip. color, drain, flood, color up, flush, blush. set light to something, torch, to the ground. bask, lay out, sunbathe, overexpose, sunburned, SPF, sun cream, sun. cover, hitchhike, go, cruise, commute, come up, shuttle, ride, hitch. blister (noun)
blister, first-degree burn, third-degree burn, impairment, trauma, windburn, Reddening, second-degree burn.
burn (noun)
burn mark, burn up, cauterise, combust, glow, cauterize, sting, burn off, burning, sunburn, cut, bite, suntan, tan, incinerate.
pain (noun)
crick, earache, sting, discomfort, injury, headache, hurt, rack, irritation, Migraine, anguish, bite, wrench, torture, spasm, infliction, chafing, pang, smarting, throb, stab, cramp, Back Ache, affliction, bruise, inflammation, suffering, gripe, painfulness, throe, ache, distress, torment, grief, stitch, wound, sore, pain, misery, agony, malaise.
state (noun)


be excited about; yearn for (verb)
bristle, rage, yearn, seethe, fume, boil, simmer.
be on fire; set on fire (verb)
combust, incinerate, parch, light, cauterize, scorch, smolder, kindle, heat, char, ignite, roast, broil, toast, cook, glow, scald, sear, singe, bake, torch.
change (verb)
combust, fire.
creation (verb)
feel stinging pain (verb)
hurt, pain, smart, sting, bite.
heat (verb)
char, broil, heat, braise, simmer, stew, poach, parboil, swelter, roast, sear, cook, toast, warm, barbecue, scorch, bake, singe, scald, fry, parch, fire, boil, grill.
ignite (verb)
inflame, ignite, light, kindle.
weather (verb)

Other synonyms:

blush, sunbathe, disable, color up, author, blazing, glowing, alight, incandesce, charbroil, coal-fired, SPF, breakage, roaring, sunburned, fossil fuel, stay down, ablaze, fiery, metabolize, back up, call up, biofuel, sun cream, biogas. block, injure, overexpose, torch, flaming, madden, mutilate, bristle, blight, anger, baste, boil down, flare up, burn-in, biomass, sun, gleam, irritate, brown. archive, seethe, blister, energy, foam, digest, capture, churn, burnout, assimilate. bubble, ferment. blemish, access, capacity. flush, explode, lay out. gas, go down, rage, strain, smart, chip. color. flood. break. catch, down. burn up
flare up.
set on fire
Other relevant words:
cut, sunburn, smolder, suntan, burning, fume, incandesce, boil over, glow, incinerate, seethe, foam, catch.

Usage examples for burn

  1. Your brother Hector will then be in greater danger than ever, and the only way you can save him will be to get into the fire yourself and burn – Yellow-Cap and Other Fairy-Stories For Children by Julian Hawthorne
  2. Is he just going to burn himself? – Beyond by John Galsworthy
  3. The sun will burn your face. – Libro segundo de lectura by Ellen M. Cyr