Synonyms for Foundation:


feature, essence, key, staple, priority, grounds, element, concern, reason, burning issue/question, justification, core. pier, pillar, fundraiser, roadbed, care, shaft, benefactor, rest, shore, framework, aid worker, chassis, skeleton, food bank, post, Underpinning, beam, stay, aid agency, buttress, wall, column, prop, skid, substratum, support, scaffold, Jaycee, bolster, bed, fund. found, company, endowment, open, move into, establish, charity, guild, constitute, association, corporation, trusteeship, incorporate, set up, institute, go into, organization, society. joist, rafter, frame, Establishing, stanchion, gantry. constitution, start up, start. over. rudiment, fundamental. warrant, true. authorization (noun)
basis for something physical or mental (noun)
justification, reason, support, Underpinning, groundwork, substructure, base, substratum, foot, stay, understructure, prop, bottom, bed.
beginning (noun)
bottom (noun)
underside, bottom, basement, sole, nadir, underneath, base, depths, foot.
established institution (noun)
corporation, association, company, charity, organization, society, trusteeship, institute, guild, endowment.
foundation (noun)
foot, cornerstone, instauration, foundation garment, base, basis, institution, creation, fundament, substructure, understructure, founding, initiation, origination, innovation, grounding, groundwork.
groundwork (noun)
understructure, groundwork.
make up (noun)
bindi, compact, blusher, face powder, eyeliner, greasepaint, blush, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil.
pedestal (noun)
rudiment (noun)
support (noun)

Other synonyms:

organization, joist, scaffold, aid agency, stanchion, rafter, fundraiser, benefactor, Jaycee, aid worker, rudiment, food bank. buttress, charity, bed, framework, gantry, start up, warrant, fund. constitution, pillar, pier, rest. care, justification, column, prop. reason, beam. frame. post. support. basis
Underpinning, basis.
crushed rock
make up
bindi, compact, blusher, face powder, eyeliner, greasepaint, blush, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil.
Other relevant words:
founding, substructure, rest, chassis, greasepaint, element, beam, company, understructure, start, column, buttress, stanchion, core, institute, pillar, warrant, prop, bolster, organization, frame, groundwork, basis, instauration, constitution, foundation garment, origination, trusteeship, substratum, reason, Underpinning, society, found, grounds, initiation, justification, roadbed, Jaycee, compact, base, framework, scaffold, fundamental, Establishing, blush, guild, fundraiser, fundament, endowment, cornerstone, pier, stay, institution, eyebrow pencil, bed, eye shadow, eyeliner, bindi, association, support, corporation, blusher, set up, establish, creation, rudiment, constitute, grounding, innovation, charity.

Usage examples for foundation

  1. If he or any other person knows whether there is any foundation for the story of his death, I will thank you to inform me of it. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
  2. On the same foundation under the features of an organism, you may range whatever you please. – On the Significance of Science and Art from What to Do? by Count Lyof N. Tolstoi