Synonyms for Chant:


clue, anglicism, acrostic, anagram, catch-all, Arabism, hymn, singsong, song, chorus, borrowing, Gregorian Chant, plainsong, archaism, mantra, americanism, incantation. arrangement, andante, bass, tune, cantata, adagio, allegro, vocalize, sounds, air, concerto. bellow, cry out, scream, call out, roar, rage, yell, shout, cry. sing along, burst/break into song, croon, carry a tune, harmonize, serenade, sing out. chant (noun)
intonate, intone, cantillate.
chorus of song (noun)
mantra, song, croon, tune, hymn, incantation, shout.
rumble (noun)
drone, beat, reverberation, throb, clatter, thrum, thunder, racket, drum, chatter, hum, rumble, rattle, grumble, roll, buzz.


rumble (verb)
sing simple song or song part (verb)
drone, chorus, intone, vocalize, cantillate.

Other synonyms:

sing out, cry, acrostic, yell, shout, scream, concerto, anglicism, cry out, Arabism, serenade, mantra, song, archaism, bellow, hymn, cantata, anagram, borrowing, roar, sing along, call out, chorus, americanism. adagio, andante, croon, catch-all, clue, arrangement, tune, rage, allegro. bass, harmonize, air. vocalize. invocation
Other relevant words:
bellow, croon, chorus, concerto, catch-all, hymn, arrangement, intone, adagio, intonate, air, roar, song, anglicism, tune, cry, incantation, serenade, cantillate, scream, singsong, yell, plainsong, vocalize, rage, americanism, mantra, shout.

Usage examples for chant

  1. When all had gone, leaving us alone, save for the priest Oros and the priestess Papave, who remained in attendance on their mistress, Ayesha, who sat gazing before her with dreaming, empty eyes, seemed to awake, for she rose and said- A noble chant is it not, and an ancient? – Ayesha The Further History of She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed by H. Rider Haggard
  2. Their music, on these occasions, was a monotonous chant of a line or two, repeated over and over again, with no variety beyond two or three notes. – Samoa, A Hundred Years Ago And Long Before by George Turner