Synonyms for Fighting:


aggressive, warlike (adjective)
disputatious, militant, boxing, pugnacious, ferocious, belligerent, ready to fight, contending, argumentative, jousting, quarrelsome, up in arms, wrestling, Battling, sparring, fencing, Tilting, determined, angry, Skirmishing, under arms, brawling, resolute, contentious, bellicose.
violent (adjective)
brawling, savage, fierce, tumultuous, vehement, abusive, uproarious, assaultive, broiling, violent, frenzied, intense, wild, outrageous, raging, furious, ferocious.


Beleaguered, active duty, aggressor, bombed-out, black out, battle cry, air cover, active service. scuffle, fist fight, struggle, running battle, clash, brawl. battle, encounter (noun)
scuffle, struggle.
combative (noun)
militant, pugnacious, contending, in the thick of the fray, boxing, at war, resolute, disputatious, sparring, up in arms, at the point of the bayonet, fencing, like cats and dogs, ripe for a fight, under arms, determined, wrestling, jousting, argumentative, Tilting, striving, ready to fight, quarrelsome, warlike, contentious, belligerent, warring, angry, Skirmishing, bellicose.


attacking (verb)
pounding, striking, battering, hitting, Lunging, Combating, scorching, trouncing, Assaulting, hammering, thrusting, rioting, Scarifying, lashing, Bombarding, Harrying, slashing, invading, Storming, Violating, Charging, attacking, Flaying, savaging, Assailing, raping, raiding, scathing, barraging.
battling (verb)
tussling, Contesting, Scuffling, Battling, Scrambling, driving, engaging, struggling, campaigning.
opposing (verb)
opposing, protesting, hindering, Suppressing, crossing, Counteracting, repressing, interfering, Checking, Resisting, Contradicting, meddling, countering, counterattacking, Disputing, inhibiting, Obstructing, Repulsing, challenging, Rebuffing, Defying, disagreeing, repelling, Intercepting, impeding, confronting, Objecting, antagonizing, Oppressing, conflicting.

Other synonyms:

brawl, fist fight, scuffle. running battle. struggle. clash. militant
Other relevant words:
contentious, brawl, Skirmishing, at war, clash, belligerent, contending, boxing, bellicose, wrestling, disputatious, sparring, struggle, angry, up in arms, warlike, pugnacious, warring, striving, quarrelsome, scuffle, fencing, militant.

Usage examples for fighting

  1. Why go on fighting – The Woman of Mystery by Maurice Leblanc
  2. " But there is no fear if it comes to fighting – On the Pampas by G. A. Henty
  3. For suddenly Miss Sarah was fighting against tears. – Then I'll Come Back to You by Larry Evans