Synonyms for Slip:


decrease, cutback, reduction, shrinkage. bowl, clothes, bowler, boundary, Gabba, lingerie, cricket, bat, HIT, underwear, batting average, batsman, crease. glissade, glide, misapprehension, move, mix up. descend into, gumshoe, snake, slink, skulk, escalate, slip into, deepen, lurk, spiral, prowl. go down, lose your balance/footing. message, memorandum, memo, iou, inscription, note, jottings, chit, minute, caption. careful, sandpaper, page, foolscap, pasteboard, kraft, ream, ease, easy, cardboard, gift wrap, card. loosen, unclasp, unloose, unloosen, untie, loose, unbind, undo, tauten, unfasten, unwind, stretch, relax, slacken, tighten, disengage. patter, elude, evade, shake, shake off, pad, seek, throw off. dance, abort, float, miscarry, reproduction. store away, hide, throw out, stow, stash, help, tuck away, garage, put away, tuck, secrete. landing, increase, sag, pratfall. right. get on, assume, don, put on, slip on, pull on. decrease (noun)
descent (noun)
descent, comedown, grade, slope.
error (noun)
misconstruction, typo, mistake, blunder, error, distortion, aberration, oversight, fallacy, miscalculation, defect, misprint, inaccuracy, fault, gaffe, misestimation, Misjudgment, falsehood, misconception, flaw.
error, goof (noun)
misdeed, lapse, indiscretion, fluff, fault, oversight, trip, bungle, mistake, blunder.
escape (noun)
faux pas (noun)
faux pas, gaucherie.
get away (noun)
leave, slip away.
harbor (noun)
piece of paper (noun)
paper, leaf, page, piece, sheet, strip.
pottery (noun)
kiln, ceramics, china clay, potter, potter's wheel, fire, knead, pottery.
slip (noun)
mistake, elusion, drop away, slipperiness, slip one's mind, fall away, moorage, gaucherie, drop off, case, mooring, sneak, chemise, pillowcase, shift, miscue, teddy, dislocate, slide, faux pas, solecism, skid, pillow slip, slew, slickness, strip, luxate, gaffe, parapraxis, trip, slick, steal, splay, teddies, slip of paper, err, cutting, eluding, shimmy, slip up, slue, berth, sideslip.
underwear (noun)
boxers, briefs, camisole, brassiere, bra, BVDS, bustier, body, body suit, bloomers.
youngster (noun)
juvenile, lass, stripling, toddler, fledgling, waif, youngster, lad, minor, newborn, sapling, kid, sprig, infant, girl, boy, sprout, innocent, child, baby, urchin.


descend (verb)
tumble, drop, plunge, plummet, lower, descend, topple, come down, fall, settle, fall down.
deteriorate (verb)
decay, ebb, decline, dilapidate, slide, moulder, fade, get worse, degenerate, lapse, slump, sink, revert, putrefy, wither, relapse, regress, go downhill, collapse, atrophy, downgrade, tergiversate, wilt, worsen, wane, fall apart, retrogress, deteriorate.
err (verb)
mar, misestimate, goof, botch, misconceive, stumble, err, slip up, bungle, trip, misjudge, fluff, miscalculate, misconstrue.
fall; glide (verb)
move, slide, glissade, drop, skid, slick, shift.
motion (verb)

Other synonyms:

unclasp, glissade, stow, unloose, unloosen, tauten, underwear, store away. secrete, unfasten, prowl, disengage, slacken, unwind, lurk, pratfall, indiscretion, mix up, untie, miscarry, skulk, slink. evade, unbind, elude, abort, loosen, stash, glide. sag, undo, tuck away. relax, garage, landing, snake, tighten, tuck. dance, put away, hide. shake. go down. float. abscond
drop off.
plummet, stumble.
drop off.
slip away.
kiln, ceramics, china clay, potter, potter's wheel, fire, knead, pottery.
slip up.
Other relevant words:
glissade, paper, glide, case, indiscretion, pillowcase, fall away, strip, chit, skid, pillow slip, faux pas, go down, miscue.

Usage examples for slip

  1. Later, when they went to the living room, she started to slip away, but Isabelle put her arm through the older woman's and led her along. – The Cricket by Marjorie Cooke
  2. In the morning I slip quietly off the boat. – Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman