Synonyms for Enter:


bring forward, pronounce, subscribe, declare, inform, proclaim, announce, issue, notify, render. list, overtake, push, fulfill, touch, run. engage in, involve, take part (in something), enter into, join in, get in on, DO, sit in on. perforate, predispose, incline, influence, mold, hold sway, motivate, break, throw back on, implant, puncture, condition. represent, ride, meet, muster in, play, enlist, race, contest, sign up, face, sign on, duel. remember, post.


arrive (verb)
arrive, attain, come, accomplish, land, debark.
come, put into a place (verb)
penetrate, access, blow in, arrive, break in, horn in, rush in, introduce, insert, pile in, pierce, invade, get in, go in, burst in, come in, intrude, butt in, infiltrate, work in.
competition (verb)
enter (verb)
input, access.
participate (verb)
join, partake, co-operate, participate, share.
record (verb)
inscribe, register, note, indicate, record, log, transcribe.
record, list (verb)
inscribe, log, register, note, post.

Other synonyms:

date, pile in, burst in, caption, fill out, overtake, annotate, enshrine, blow in, horn in, penetrate, throw back on, predispose. backdate, fill in, infiltrate, commence, intrude, motivate, appear, begin, contest. get, enlist, perforate, implant, invade, initiate, fulfill, launch. institute, push, mold, incline, puncture, involve, undertake. address, post, duel. race, condition. approach. represent, take up, ride. break. face, play, run, touch. meet. arrive
blow in.
kick off.
come in
step in, come in.
go into
engage in.
go through
work in.
co-operate, sign up.

Usage examples for enter

  1. Five minutes later Alderbury stood on the steps of the verandah ready to enter the car. – The Outcaste by F. E. Penny
  2. And, looking full in the smuggler's face, " Swear to me to do thy best to enter the town." – The Invasion of France in 1814 by Émile Erckmann Alexandre Chatrian
  3. It is easy to enter but sometimes they who enter never leave it. – The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers