Synonyms for Precede:


scout, be ahead of, go ahead, take precedence over, herald, run ahead, lead up to, come to the front, ring in, light the way, go in advance, go before, come first, forge ahead, head up. dominate, count, figure, lie at the heart of something, matter, signify, loom large, emphasize, predominate. words, start. precede (noun)
antedate, forego, predate, lead, antecede, come before.


go ahead of (verb)
foreshadow, antecede, come first, herald, predate, scout, lead, head up, anticipate, Forerun, antedate, be ahead of, light the way, go in advance, run ahead, ring in, introduce, go before, pioneer.
motion (verb)
precede (verb)
antedate, head off, foreshadow, Forerun, pioneer, predate, anticipate, lead, trail-blaze, introduce, antecede.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

lead up to. go before. rank
go before.
Other relevant words:
dominate, come before, scout, ring in, come first, forego, figure, head up, go in advance, start, light the way, predominate, matter, count, antecede, go ahead, herald, emphasize, be ahead of, run ahead, go before, signify, lead up to, words.

Usage examples for precede

  1. In that event, his case would precede ours. – Prisoner for Blasphemy by G. W. [George William] Foote