Synonyms for Tab:


clip, holder, label, BYO, loop, bus, strip, slip, marker, bill of fare, tag, booth, cellar, all-you-can-eat, flap, brown-bag. bust, comedown, crack den, dependence, abuse, statement, crackhouse, cold turkey, addiction, clean. connect, tie, invoice, bill, reckoning, fasten, attach, pay, pin, secure, fix, join. command key, CTRL, arrow key, CAPS LOCK, backspace, Alt key, delete key, control key, character set, control. delegate, appoint, single out, pick, put into, anoint, put in, name. bodice, bib, collar, buttonhole, care label, armhole, coattails, breast pocket. overhang, protrusion, arm, snout, projection, ridge, point, protuberance, limb. balance, due, arrears, borrowings, debt, home loan, debit, liability, bad debt. enter, drag, double-click, input, drag-and-drop, click, key, hover. compartment, lip, bung, flip top, lid, overflow, cork, mouth, cap. bill for service (noun)
check, price, statement, rate, account, reckoning, tariff, invoice, charge, cost.
communication (noun)
check, chit.
credit (noun)
draft, credit, tally, loan, trust, account, mortgage, lien.
price (noun)
quotation, dearness, amount, cost, tax, price, worth, outlay, figure, charge, rate, premium, tariff, damage, value, toll, levy, duty, expense.
tab (noun)
check, chit.
ticket, label (noun)
holder, flap, strip, marker, tag, clip, slip, loop.

Other synonyms:

delegate, bill, put into, single out. appoint, tag, anoint. pick, put in. name. reckoning. statement. bill
single out.
Other relevant words:
reckoning, loop, marker, projection, lip, check, point, name, statement, invoice, pin, strip, account, appoint, holder, clip, flap, liability, tag, chit, anoint, delegate, ridge, debt, pick, label, bill, slip.

Usage examples for tab

  1. If Bryan had been elected, Humanity would have had a front seat an' a tab – Mr. Dooley: In the Hearts of His Countrymen by Finley Peter Dunne
  2. Why could- n't we have some tab leaux and oth- er things in our school house on Sa- tur- day af- ter- noons in May? – Pages for Laughing Eyes by Unknown
  3. It cost Miss Prissy ten bottles, a pint of red paint, and a package of sulphur to buy the life of her gray cat for this year, but now she has no uneasiness about Tab at all. – Phyllis by Maria Thompson Daviess